Fan With Fake Media Credential Booted From Packers Training Camp

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A Green Bay Packers fan came up with quite a clever way to get up close and personal with the team during Thursday’s training camp session. Unfortunately for the fan, the Packers’ media staff sniffed him out.

According to Packers beat reporter Matt Schneidman, the fan claimed to be a video intern and made a fake media credential. He showed up wearing a team polo with his camera in hand, but Green Bay’s VP of Communications realized he had never seen or heard of him before and therefore kicked him out.

As Schneidman wrote, you have to respect the move from the fan, as it sounds like he went all out in his efforts to get media access. It’s also just smart planning from the fan to try and pull off this stunt during training camp and not at an actual game.

It’s a safe bet that the Packers hand out more media credentials for practice than they do for games.

Plenty of Packers fans replied to Schneidman’s tweet joking that the fan was probably a Patriots fan, or maybe Bill Belichick himself in disguise.

This now begs the question of how often this sort of thing happens without the faux-media member actually being caught. I’d imagine multiple people have snuck inside the gates during NFL practices and gone about their business without getting caught.

Written by Mark Harris

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