Pacers’ Myles Turner Desperately Wants To Be Traded To Lakers

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Believe it or not, someone wants to immerse themselves in the dumpster fire that is the L.A. Lakers. That somebody is Pacers big man Myles Turner, who’s asking the Lakers to trade for his services.

Careful what you wish for…

Turner, who was injured during warmups on opening night (that has Lakers written all over it), was rumored to be heading west throughout the summer. Multiple sources have reported that Los Angeles and Indiana discussed a swap of Russell Westbrook for Turner and Buddy Hield.

The trade talks began in the summer but have since cooled off. And now, Turner would like to see them heat up again.

“If I’m the Lakers, I take a very hard look at this with the position that you’re in,” Turner said earlier this week. Turner made the comment as part of an appearance on ESPN’s “The Woj Pod” with Adrian Wojnarowski.

Turner, 26, continued: “I know what I can provide for a team — my leadership, my shot-blocking, my 3-point ability and just my ability to make plays out there on the floor.”

Myles Turner would like to be dealt to the Lakers. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

Myles Turner Was The 11th Pick In The 2015 NBA Draft

The 6’11 big man was asked by Woj whether or not Indy and LA should reengage in trade talks. Despite playing in just three games this season, Turner feels he brings enough to the table to entice Lakers GM Rob Pelinka (or is it LeBron James?) to make the move.

“…As far as pulling the trigger, I get paid to shoot. I’m not paid to make these calls, so I couldn’t answer that,” Turner said.

But why would Myles Turner want to ditch the Pacers for the 1-5 Lakers? That’s easy, he craves the spotlight. And that’s something he won’t soon get in Indiana.

“I just feel like here in the Midwest we don’t get the love that I think we deserve. … It doesn’t get taken on the national level,” Turner added. “You are under the microscope out there at the West. When you are doing bad, you’re going to hear about it. When you are doing great, you are going to get a lot of love, especially with the love that the Lakers get.”

Reggie Miller likely disagrees.

Los Angeles Missed The Playoffs Last Season

Before finishing the interview, Turner continued drooling over Los Angeles and the opportunity to share a court with a certain Los Angeles star who also prefers the spotlight,” Turner said. “I think that another aspect that is [appealing is] playing with greatness and playing under LeBron [James].”

“It’s just one of those things; when you are out [in LA with James], you got to perform. People are going to expect you to go out there and hold on to that legacy that the Lakers have built over the years,” added Turner.

Clearly Turner hasn’t watched the Lakers this season (or last), because “performing” hasn’t been their strong suit.

Indiana next plays on Friday, when they host Miami.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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