PAC-12 Reportedly Not Targeting Texas-Based Program For Expansion

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The PAC-12 is reportedly not interested in adding Rice.

George Kliavkoff’s conference is currently engulfed by chaos. The PAC-12 needs a new media deal, but all the reporting indicates there’s no major network interested in writing a big check.

As of right now, there’s no new deal in sight and the conference, while intact at the moment, is showing serious cracks. If one team leaves for the Big 12, it could kick off a domino effect.

Rice reportedly not an option for the PAC-12. (Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

One strategy the PAC-12 has been pursuing is adding more teams, but as of right now, there’s been no movement. SDSU and SMU are believed to be the top targets, but it sounds like Rice is off the table.

Rice isn’t being targeted by the PAC-12.

Dennis Dodd reported Saturday that the Owls aren’t “in the mix for the PAC-12 as of now.” The words “as of now” seem important.

While the door might not be open at the moment, it doesn’t appear to be shut forever.

It’s also not clear which side might actually have interest. Does the PAC-12 want Rice but the Owls said no or were the roles reversed?

You’d think it’d be Rice wanting to go to the P5, but you simply don’t know. Given the chaos surrounding the situation, it’s hard to say anything with complete certainty.

What we can say with complete certainty is the PAC-12 needs its media situation figured out sooner than later. The conference is entering the final football season of its media deal.

Kliavkoff has reportedly been given until mid-April to get it figured out. If he doesn’t, it sounds like he might be in serious trouble.

The future of the PAC-12 is quickly becoming one of the top stories in all of college sports. With Rice off the board it should be interesting to see where the conference might look next. Definitely continue to keep an eye on SMU and SDSU.

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