Over-The-Top Beach Proposal Goes Wrong When They Lose The Ring In The Sand

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People really have to stop it with the over-the-top gender reveals and proposals. Moments that are supposed to be for a couple are often turned into major events.

One of these major events took place a few days ago at Sydney’s Coogee beach. A man hired an event planner to stage an elaborate beach proposal completed with a “Marry Me” sign and strings of fairy lights in the sand.

Over-The-Top Beach Proposal Goes Wrong When They Lose The Ring In The Sand
Beach proposal goes wrong (Image Credit: wasaibi.xo/Instagram)

All seemed to go off as planned until the ring slipped off of the woman’s hand. It was lost in the sand for about 20 minutes as the couple and their friends searched for it. It didn’t help matters that the proposal took place at night.

“Everything was going so well, according to plan until our beautiful bride dropped the ring into the sand,” the event planner revealed. “More than two dozen of people jumped in (and) started searching for the ring.”

In all of his planning for the perfect proposal the man didn’t bother to get the measurement of his girlfriend’s finger. She said, “The ring was loose and it flew off my finger after wearing it for about five minutes.”

They unfortunately found the ring. I only say unfortunately, because if they didn’t find the ring, it could have had others thinking twice about these kinds of things.

These Kinds Of Outrageous Beach Proposals Need To End

Incredibly the man wasn’t sure why people were interested in his little ol’ proposal. He said, “We didn’t expect our love to be front page news.”

“Getting engaged was just between the two of us but it turns out everyone wanted in on the action,” he added. “Going viral was never part of the plan but we’re just glad everyone is excited as we are.”

It’s true he probably didn’t expect to end up in the news, but going to these lengths for a proposal suggests that it wasn’t just for them.

Written by Sean Joseph

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