Outkick’s Gambling Picks For Week 10 2016

GREEN BAY, WI – SEPTEMBER 3: Leonard Fournette #7 of the LSU Tigers runs with the ball in the fourth quarter against the Wisconsin Badgers at Lambeau Field on September 3, 2016 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) Dylan Buell

Hate to brag, but Outkick’s gambling picks were on fire last weekend — posting a 9-3 record, with most of these picks not just winning, but winning with ease. 

Go spend your winnings on new #dbap Outkick shirts. We sold out of the first printing and just had to buy more.

That incredible 9-3 weekend ran our record to 55-44 on the season, meaning we now have a fairly robust 56% winning rate on the season. (Remember that I sometimes give out a pick or two on Twitter. That was the case on Saturday morning with Michigan State +25. You need to be following me there to get the richest you possibly can.) 

But 9-3’s not good enough. 

I’m aiming for something much more — the halcyon winning rate of 60% for the season. 

Can we do it?

Of course we can. 

So let’s roll. 

We’re going 13-0 this week. 

Maryland +31 at Michigan and the over 54

Look, I’m not saying that that this game is going to be close, but I am saying that the numbers have been inflated for Michigan games ever since Jim Harbaugh hung 78 on Rutgers. 

Last week we took Michigan State +25.

This week Michigan wins by 25 and the over hits with ease. 

Call it 42-17. 

Bang, you’ve started off Saturday morning 2-0. 

Vandy +25.5 at Auburn and the over 45

Vanderbilt is not good, but they’ve had two weeks to prepare for Auburn and they have a solid defense. So far in SEC games Vandy has given up 13, 13, 20 and 16 points.

Auburn will be the best offense they’ve played, but I think Derek Mason can slow down the Tiger offense.

I love this game because if you take Vandy plus the points and the over, I think you’re, at worst, guaranteed a push. And you have an insanely good shot at winning both. 

The only way you lose both is if Auburn wins this game something like 35-3. 

If I’m wrong about Vandy’s defense and Auburn’s offense rolls, they’re going to score at least 35, right? So you’d only need Vandy to score 10 to push. 

This is my double blood bank guarantee once more, Auburn is winning 35-13.  

Georgia -2.5 at Kentucky

Sometimes, as a gambler, you just have to sit back and ask yourself a simple question — is Kirby Smart so godawful as a coach that he’s going to lose to Vandy and Kentucky in the same year?

If that happens, and it certainly could, then Georgia fans just need to curl up in the fetal position and start to cry because you’ve returned to the Ray Goff and Jim Donnan eras overnight. 

You can’t even Georgia away big games any more, you just suck. 

And I just can’t accept the fact that Kirby Smart is this bad. Georgia still has much better players than Kentucky and they have won in the past three seasons by 42, 32, and 24. 

This year I win money if Georgia wins by three?

Go Dawgs. 

Florida at Arkansas +5.5

Before the season I said that Arkansas was winning this game outright and I’m sticking to my guns. 

I absolutely love this set up. Arkansas is coming off a 53 point loss and has been sitting around for two weeks begging for a chance to hit the field again. Meanwhile Florida is cocky as hell because save for one half against Tennessee their defense has been fantastic. 

This is the perfect recipe for an upset. 

Arkansas isn’t just covering, they’re winning this game outright. 

Mizzou at USC, the under 56

What do we know about Will Muschamp? When his team is favored he curls his offense up into a tight ball and plays stifling defense. South Carolina is better than Mizzou — hell, many high school teams may be better than Mizzou right now — but the real play here isn’t the Gamecocks winning outright it’s the under. 

Mizzou’s offense hasn’t scored very many on anyone in the SEC and they certainly aren’t scoring on Muschamp. Meanwhile Carolina’s offense isn’t good enough to post big numbers on the Tigers. 

Under’s the play here. 

Washington at Cal, the under 78

This line is simple — Washington’s defense hasn’t given up more than 28 points all year. So even if Cal scores 35 points, which they won’t, Washington can still score 42 and you still wouldn’t hit the over. 

Bang, sometimes gambling is easy. 

Oregon at USC, the under 78.5

USC has won four games in a row and their defense hasn’t given up more than 24 points in any of those games. The Ducks have an awful defense, but USC is going to pound them with the run which means they won’t score 50 points. 

The result is a game USC wins that comes nowhere near 79 points. 

Cha ching. 

Wisconsin at Northwestern, the under 41

When Wisconsin plays, what do we do?

We bet the under, motherfuckers.

Go spend your winnings now.  

Texas A&M at Mississippi State, the over 61.5

Mississippi State is awful and the Aggies aren’t. But State’s defense is atrocious and the Aggie offense will exploit them.

Meaning lots of possessions and lots of points.  

The result is simple, 42-28 Aggies.

Wait, a minute, that’s nearly twenty points over the number? (So it turns out 42+28 is 70 and not 80. But the important thing to take away here isn’t that I sometimes fail at second grade math, it’s that 70 is still much more than 61.5). Yep, I’m doing it kids, a third blood bank guarantee in one week. 

Parlay this trio and when you spend your winnings on a stripper named Destini with an i, tell her Clay Travis sent you. 

Nebraska +17 at Ohio State

The Buckeyes being favored by 17 points over any top half Big Ten team right now is laughable. 

Have you seen this Ohio State offense?

I think the Buckeyes squeak by again by a touchdown or less. Meaning you’ve got ten points to spare.

Oh, my God, am I really going to do it?

Yep, it’s a fourth blood blood guarantee this week!

Set up the four game parlay and name your first born after me.  

Alabama at LSU +7.5

I love LSU here getting over a touchdown because this game is going to be low scoring and brutal. So getting over a touchdown here is like getting 12 or 13 points in a high scoring game. 

I don’t think LSU wins, but I think they have the ball late with a chance to win. 

And then their crappy quarterback play will kill them. 

There you go kids, we’re going 13-0. 

Get rich. 

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.


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