OutKick Founder Clay Travis Gets Into A Vicious Street Battle With Blue Checkmarks Who Hate Freedom, Biological Female Instagram Models & Fun

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OutKick founder Clay Travis might be spread thin these days with his national radio show, his multiple appearances on Fox News, being a parent who’s willing to f-bomb an umpire, a husband, and a Great American, but he’s never too busy to defend this beautiful website he founded.

The lib lib blue checkmark gangs were prowling the Twitter streets Wednesday night looking for a fight. Specifically, they wanted a piece of Clay Travis as he went off against their beloved WNBA. How dare Clay Travis speak ill of a league they fake-like because it sounds cool that they’re so fake inclusive.

The Defender of the Common Man snapped into action and started swatting off blue checkmarks left and right. Then some fake blue checkmark named Kevin stepped up with a question that will haunt him because we turned it into a lead image and now it’ll go into the Google Image archive.

“What’s Outkick?” the fake checkmark asked.

OutKick founder Clay Travis absolutely bodybags a blue checkmark during a ruthless Twitter street fight. / OutKick Illustration / Getty Images

Boom. Roasted.

That’s a KO, Kev.

Straight ass-kicking you don’t see very often in these Twitter street fights because the checkmarks will typically stagger to their feet for more rounds with Clay. Not Kev. He was dead.

Guys, remember, there’s a place on the Internet for those of you who don’t want to feel like you have to fake like the WNBA in order to be cool with your super-cool friends who have to remind each other how woke they are. We know the TV ratings. You’re not watching the WNBA. You’re not getting the boys together to go crush tall drafts and watch the WNBA.

OutKick is here for you guys. It’s the place where we talk about things you actually care about in life. Reject the blue checkmark WNBA special interest groups that fake defend the league that’s propped up by the NBA franchise owners who are forced by the wokes to fake care about the league while, as of 2021, it was losing $10 million per year.

Imagine how Kyle spends his day on the Internet. So miserable. Kyle, here at OutKick, there’s a column that will brighten your life. It’s called Morning Screencaps. Trust me, there is help out there to make you less miserable.

Look at the absolute destruction of this clown as Clay shows off his A-game.

The angry Kyles, Kevins and the rest of their nerd friends hate when Clay’s brutally honest about the rise of this website. Look at this straight talk. Kyle is at work on his phone crying actual tears.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

Kinsey is also the founder of OutKick’s Thursday Night Mowing League, America’s largest virtual mowing league.

Kinsey graduated from University of Toledo.


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  1. I have friends who have had season to women’s college basketball for years. ZERO interest in the WNBA. Another friend’s daughter played college basketball. ZERO interest in the WNBA. ESPN tries to prop it up certainly because the NBA tells them to. CBSSN shows games because they have no other content in the summer. I honestly wonder who has more viewers; the WNBA or the NLL (pro box lacrosse). I consider them equally as “niche”, but one is a hell of a lot more fun to watch and isn’t filled with anti-American lesbians on a mission for “equity” (just Canadians).

  2. i”m a MSState alumni. We had several years of great women’s basketball performance. Then the old Athletic Director decided the coach was gettin’ too big for his britches. It was a great time. I still follow the team and attend games that happen near our home.

    I have absolutely no interest in the WNBA until the players in that league are paid in an equitable manner to the players in the NBA. 😛

  3. All you need to know about the popularity of the WNBA is the fact that neither the NBA, WNBA, nor the partners at ESPN will release an accounting of their revenue. Because they have never, ever broken even, let alone turned a profit

  4. Kyle and Kevin have lived in a bubble where facts are not spoken and their opinions are given to them in bullet points.
    It’s hilarious when human nature takes over once they are confronted with THE truth based on facts. Not KEVINS truth, not KYLE’S truth, THE truth has inclusive, equality based useful idiots return to their base instincts by wanting the living shit kicked out of anyone who dares respond. That’s hilarious and typical as their commitment lasts as long as they can continue to wear face coverings as they pick up payments from Hirst, Alphabet and Faecesbook as crowd fillers at Antifa….mily propaganda trashmedia events.
    Great stuff Clay, Elon and anyone else who says ‘you’ve had your say, now here’s a fact’.
    The Marxists were given a decade or so headstart as they were believed to be the same rabble with the same flawed Marxist ideology. They have the same flawed Marxist ideology, they are however heavily funded by nuevo riche tech ideologues who aren’t telling Kyle and Kevin that while they still believe in the utopia, they love their position at the top of carefully structured Marxist pyramid and will push everything from it being the NBA owners duty to prop up a league without the elite talent to survive on merit, all the way thru to next being told phase 2 is starting a competition for trans gender unicorns.
    Funny? Look back two decades, while you were laughing, these humorless totalitarians were pushing brainwashing thru high schools and colleges.
    We get to fight it by breaking one useful idiot at a time, thanks to Clay providing the undeniable fact that thousands willingly choose to participate and view this site and any others which call out hypocrats like Kyle and Kevin!

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