OutKick College Football Bus Tour Announces Next 3 Stops

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Listen up, Nashville. It’s time to start prepping the smoker and tap the kegs because the OutKick college football bus tour is headed your way. OutKick founder Clay Travis announced this morning that, Fauci be damned, the booziest bus in all of college football is headed to Nashville for a fan-packed tailgate ahead of the Georgia – Vanderbilt game.

Though Dr. Fauci would like you to think otherwise, the only thing surging in the South is the OutKick bus tour, which plans to keep rolling through SEC country.

On Fox News this morning, Travis announced the next three stops on the OutKick tour. Following the Georgia-Vandy game, the tour will make its way to Tuscaloosa for an Ole Miss – Alabama game that is likely to feature two undefeated teams and a pair of quarterback Heisman hopefuls, Matt Corral and Bryce Young.

After a quick stop aboard the Lane train, Clay and the crew are headed to College Station to witness Texas A&M try and slow down the Bama boys.

The bus tour is rolling along, despite Dr. Fauci’s hope that the massive college football crowds would cause a drastic spike in COVID cases. “All over the South, millions of people have gone to college football games and the number of COVID infections has been plummeting,” said Travis.

“When Dr. Fauci said that he was worried about super-spreader events over these major college football crowds, just flat-out hasn’t materialized. In fact, the opposite has happened. The number of people that are testing positive for COVID all over the South is plummeting to a massive degree.

“(We) look forward to seeing people this weekend and can’t wait to be back on the road at some of these big college football stadiums where people are going out and living their lives without fear,” added Travis. “And it’s great to see people back to normal.”

Start marinating the brisket, because the OutKick bus tour is full steam ahead.

Written by Anthony Farris

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