Ryan Day Says OSU Needs $13M In NIL, OutKick 360 Discusses

Ohio State head football coach Ryan Day is well aware of the challenges of building and maintaining a program amid the growing influence of Name, Image and Likeness.

The head coach and athletic director Gene Smith reportedly told business leaders in Columbus, Ohio, Thursday that the Buckeyes will need around $13 million per season to keep their roster intact, as OutKick's Nick Geddes reported.


The OutKick 360 crew had resident college football expert Bobby Carpenter on the show to discuss his thoughts about Ryan Day's $13 million estimate for normal retention costs for Ohio State.

"It's amazing to hear that because I believe Billy Napier threw out like a $20 million annual number a couple of weeks ago, and so these are a couple of coaches," Carpenter said. "We've heard people talk about it now and you hear Nick Saban and everything happened. But now when you have coaches who are actually putting dollar amounts to it and so you hear $20 million, you hear $13 million."

He continued: "And the way we Ryan talked about it, it's like you take your best 23 players and average out of half a million dollars — $2 million for a quarterback, a million for an elite rusher, a million for a really good offensive tackle. ... I mean, probably $15 to $20 million sounds about right. So they're going to have to find a way to raise this money the same way Nick Saban throwing this about that I think was a little bit of a warning to college football, but also an endorsement to the boosters, the kind of, hey, get on board we Ryan Day was literally talking to business leaders. It was a business leaders' breakfast in Columbus, Ohio. Gene Smith is there. And this is for the sole reason of talking about your partnering with players, hiring players and figuring out a way to make it all work."

Watch everything the guys had to say below, and click here to see Friday's full episode of OutKick 360.