‘Outer Range’ Was A Surprise 2022 Hit. When Can Fans Expect Season 2?

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It’s been a year since “Outer Range” season one wrapped up on Amazon, and it’s time to wonder when fans will get new episodes.

The western/sci-fi series with Josh Brolin was an incredibly unexpected hit in 2022. The series followed rancher Royal Abbott (Brolin) in a fight to save his family’s land, but it’s clear from the jump very little as it appears on the surface.

A mysterious drifter named Autumn (Imogen Poots) arrived on the Abbott land, and it didn’t take long for all hell to break loose in season one. Fans were left with an incredible season one conclusion I won’t ruin here. When the credits rolled for the last time in 2022 there was no doubt “Outer Range” had cemented itself among the best shows of the year.

It was “Lost,” “Stranger Things,” “Westworld” and “Yellowstone” thrown into a blender, mixed up and then served to fans. Now, people want to know when some new episodes will drop.

When will “Outer Range” with Josh Brolin return?

The unfortunate news is there’s very little information about when the Amazon series is slated to return.

The Digital Fix speculated the show will definitely return in 2023, and Josh Brolin teased the show was going in a different direction with a nude Instagram photo.

However, it’s hard to know whether or not he was kidding around or being serious. Given how weird season one got at times, it’s impossible to rule anything out.

“Outer Range” is an outstanding show. (Credit: Amazon Studios)

Generally speaking, major productions go about a year between series. It could be longer if there’s a ton of post-production needed. “Stranger Things” goes years between episodes.

However, “Outer Range” doesn’t have a lot of post-production that’s necessary. It’s not heavy on special effects. In fact, there are very few.

From a filming standpoint, it’s a traditional western.

“Outer Range” stars Josh Brolin as a rancher. (Credit: Amazon Studios)

There’s been a lot of silence.

Much like “Yellowstone” and other shows that have incredible plot twists, information about “Outer Range” returning has been incredibly guarded.

The last major update that was made public was the show adding five new members to the cast. However, none of the names were ones that move the needle.

“Outer Range” hit fans with a crazy season one ending. (Credit: Amazon Studios)

That leaves fans to do their own investigating and figure out what’s going on. If there’s cast additions, that means filming is already underway or should be soon.

With production near are already happening, it seems likely “Outer Range” could wrap by July or August depending on how much has already been done. That makes a 2023 release very tight. If season two does drop in 2023 on that timeline, it’d be closer to December than September. Early 2024 might ultimately be the target date.

When will “Outer Range” season two premiere? (Credit: Amazon Studios)

Whenever season two of “Outer Range” does drop, it will face huge expectations. The season one ending was epic (I’ve discussed it online before, won’t spoil it here). Now, fans sit and wait for season two. Let’s hope it arrives in 2023 and not 2024. However, as a betting man, I have no faith it will arrive this summer. Of course, I could be wrong and hope I am!

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