Out Of Bounds: LeBron James, Social Unifier, Mocks Video Of Kyle Rittenhouse’s Emotional Testimony

The King of Flops, LeBron James, came after Kyle Rittenhouse with a quoted tweet of the 18 year old detailing the harrowing experience of the incident in Kenosha on Aug. 25, 2020.

On Wednesday, Rittenhouse provided his personal testimony of the evening that led to the fatal shooting of Joseph Rosenbaum during the social justice riots of 2020. Rosenbaum was a local rioter with fatal intentions directed at the then-17 year old Rittenhouse, which led to the Antioch teen shooting Rosenbaum and two other rioters with his AR-15 when the trio attempted to attack.

“I didn’t do anything wrong. I defended myself,” Rittenhouse noted in his defense, also stating that he had no intention to shoot until the altercation was incited by the rioters.

During the testimony, Rittenhouse was evidently emotional and troubled by the memory — catching his breath in between words as the account of shooting Rosenbaum and two other rioters haunted the teenager.

LeBron’s tweet had no remorse for Rittenhouse, telling him to “knock it off” and accusing the teenager of faking his emotional response to the resurfaced trauma.

Scorn toward Rittenhouse has been widespread during the trial’s hearings.

Covering Wednesday’s testimony, CNN contributor Jeffrey Toobin — who last came to relevance in an errant Zoom meeting — alluded to Rittenhouse as an “idiot” for arriving at the Kenosha scene with the AR-15, despite intentionally arming himself in defense as the teen sought to provide aid during the night of rioting.

OutKick’s Bobby Burack elucidated on the media’s bias shown in their castigating of the innocent Rittenhouse while employing people connected to serious criminal offenses.

Always tweeting instead of leading, LeBron James proved that the best humanitarian effort he’s capable of providing is deactivating his social media.

OutKick’s Clay Travis called James out for his signature hypocritical humanitarianism.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. If it wasn’t for LeBron’s athletic privilege from being born with superior traits that made him an athletic superstar, the best job he could probably attain in the real world is probably a used car salesman. He is dumb as a box of rock.

    • Athletic Privilege? So that’s your excuse now? So we’re does hard work and being mentally strong come in? What about work ethic? Larry Bird was right. Unlike players from overseas, some athletes in America are SOFT and SCARED. I’ll take Luka and Jokic over Maga Athletes ANY DAY. They didn’t grow up scared, they grew up ready to compete and not make excuse. #CompeteAndReplace

  2. Such a sad pathetic and failed human being. He literally could have been such a tool for good, yet has been sucking on the tit of hate for his entire life.

    One of the greatest players ever. One of the biggest failures of all humanity.

  3. Kyle’s a hero. A lawfully abiding gun-slinging hero. He took out angry commies while first retreating then, in defense, plucking the pedophiles & woman-beaters one by one. Modern day Clint Eastwood

    Lebron is an idiot savant. Savant part being only in hoops. His cultural and political components have not grown past middle school. That is about the age he started getting coddled, stunting his mental and intellectual growth.

  4. Mr. James didn’t even graduate high school. He should be CELEBRATING Kyle’s actions. Rittenhouse shot a white racist child molester.

    BTW, Ball Don’t Lie should have a doctor look at his knees since he’s on them so much swallowing Mr. James.

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