Orwell’s ‘1984’ To Get A Feminist Rewrite

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“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten” – 1984, George Orwell

George Orwell’s estate has approved a feminist retelling of 1984 from the point of view of the character Julia, the love interest of Winston Smith.

Sandra Newman will author the book titled Julia, which she says will tell the events through a woman’s eyes, according to The Guardian.

“It was the man from Records who began it, him all unknowing in his prim, grim way, his above-it-all oldthink way. He was the one Syme called ‘Old Misery’,” Newman says. “Comrade Smith was his right name, though ‘Comrade’ never suited him somehow. Of course, if you felt foolish calling someone ‘Comrade’, far better not to speak to them at all.”

As the Daily Wire’s Megan Basham notes, a rewrite of 1984 is all too ironic. The book’s premise, set in a dystopian society, warns the dangers of revising history and rewriting books for ideological ends. Now, 72 years later, it’s getting a “feminist rewrite.”

It’s true, every book is rewritten.

Expect Julia to make waves. 1984 has experienced renewed popularity of late as readers have used the term Orwellian to describe the current push for government control over the pandemic.

Film studios have already inquired about the adaptation rights to Julia.

Newman will release Julia after the debut of The Men, a novel in which every single person with a Y chromosome vanishes from the world, next June. Perhaps that’s a teaser of what Julia will entail.

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