Orioles CEO John Angelos Uses MLK To Deflect Questions In Extremely Rare Media Appearance

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Baltimore Orioles CEO John Angelos very rarely speaks with the media, but decided to make what was just his second media appearance in four years on Martin Luther King Jr. day.

Many are saying that he conveniently scheduled his appearance on MLK Day. And based on his answers, it’s easy to see why folks have come to that conclusion.


The main reason behind his appearance in front of reporters and on WBALTV was the announcement that the Orioles were committing $5 million to a Baltimore public school scholarship fund.

After the great news was announced, reporters shifted their questions to baseball, the drama behind the scenes, and whether or not the franchise may leave Baltimore.

Angelos was not having it.

One reporter asked a perfectly legitimate question about the Orioles’ future plans in the city. Instead of answering the question, Angelos deflected by pointing the focus on MLK Day.

“I just think that we all ought to have a little perspective on what’s important in the world, and what’s important in the world is what we’re talking about,” Angelos said.

“I would invite you and all your colleagues not on Martin Luther King Day, you can come back in this building, you can meet me in this office. I’II take you down on the third floor, and I’II show you the financials of the Orioles. I’ll show you the governance of the Orioles. I’ll show you everything you want to know, and I’ll put all your questions. But today, on MLK Day, I’m not answering any of those questions.”

The reporter then said he was going to respond to Angelos’ clear deflection, but the CEO shut him down immediately.

The entire exchange was incredibly uncomfortable. While Angelos certainly has a point about MLK Day and the scholarship announcement being far more important than the Orioles – both things are – the blatant deflection is a tough look for the CEO.

Written by Mark Harris

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