OnlyFans Stars Roxana Aiftimiei & Iuhas Alexandra Daniela Battle It Out At The Booty Slapping Championships

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Slap my ass and call me Sally, there’s actually something called the Booty Slapping Championships in Romania.

Just when you thought the world had gone to hell in a handbasket thanks to the wokes who have ruined all the fun that normal humans used to have, along comes a sport that Dana White could easily incorporate into his UFC and slap-fighting empire.

According to footage being passed around the Internet Tuesday, OnlyFans starlets Roxana Aiftimiei & Iuhas Alexandra Daniela slapped asses in a recent battle of subscription service titans.

Look, there are athletic competitions that get my attention after 15-plus years working on the Internet and then there’s the Booty Slapping Championships. To some of you freaks, it’s all about the sex appeal. To those of us who consider ourselves Internet clinicians, this is all clinical. This is all about the evolution of Internet content and you’re damn right this piques our interest because it’s new and the wokes haven’t killed it off — yet.

Anyway, let’s dig into this content and see exactly how this all works.

Booty slapper Iuhas Alexandra Daniela working on her aim point while Roxana Aiftimiei prepares for battle. / Twitter

As you can see, the Romanians who run this Booty Slapping Championships are very smart dudes — who look like they’ve seen a few things and possibly killed people with their fists before. They understand in order for the booty slapping to go viral, it’s going to require as little underwear as possible to pass by the Romanian content censors, if those even exist.

First up, we have Iuhas Alexandra Daniela playing the role of the slapper.

What do we know about Iuhas? Very little besides what we see on her Instagram where she has 1.3 million followers and she typically wears very little clothing. Yes, she loves to travel, enjoys the finer things in life and she’s a right-hander.


Roxana Aiftimiei assumes the position and awaits the slap:

Annnnnnnddddd we have contact!

Based on my research — remember, this is Romania and the MC of the booty-slapping is rambling in what I assume is Romanian — each booty-clapper slapper gets at least 2-3 attempts. How do I know? Because I watched all of Iuhas Alexandra Daniela’s Instagram Story uploads like a real journalist and one of the ladies was left with a severely reddened left butt-cheek.

However, because at the end of the day these ladies respect each other, they shared a kiss and hugged it out.

Who won here?

The Internet and Roxana.

“Now this is a sport I can get behind,” one social media analyst concluded.

“anyway i can bet on this?” quipped another.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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