Adult Content Creator Says Her Clients Give Her The ‘Pretty Woman Experience’ By Showering Her With Gifts

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So you think you want to be taken out to expensive stores by older men and showered with gifts? Well, it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. It turns out that these expensive shopping sprees can be met with jealousy from those who work at the stores.

Adult content creator Chloe Amour, who has done work in porn and also has a successful OnlyFans, knows this all too well. The 32-year-old has been showered with more than $70,000 in expensive gifts and says the shopping sprees aren’t without judgment.

“Receiving gifts is one of my love languages,” Amour said while admitting that there are some negative aspects of the arrangement. “It’s like the ‘Pretty Woman’ experience. I feel like they judge me.”

OnlyFans Model Porn Star Chloe Amour Pretty Woman
Julia Roberts in a scene from the film ‘Pretty Woman’, 1990. (Photo by Buena Vista/Getty Images)

According to Amour, there’s a simple explanation for the judgment. Those handing it out are jealous. They wish they were on the receiving end on the gifts.

“They obviously want to make a commission but when they see me come in and see the age gap between me and that person, they’re like, ‘This person could be like his daughter or his girlfriend. Something’s going on.'”

She continued, “They notice how much the person is spending, and that we’re not married. I think the sales associates who are watching get jealous.”

“[But] once they see how much money we are going to spend they are at my beck and call.”

For those who are thinking that something is going on, they’re not wrong. There’s definitely something going on, but Amour says that it’s not always a sexual arrangement with her clients, as she calls them.

Some of them just like buying things for beautiful women. That’s their fetish.

Chloe Amour Is More Than A Porn Star Or An OnlyFans Model — She’s A ‘Pretty Woman’

“It’s a whole experience,” Amour explained. “Taking me to a nice store, having me try on different things for him and then purchasing whatever I want.”

For those worried that she’s taking advantage of these men, don’t be. They know what they’re signing up for, plus love is an option sometimes. She’s been known to find herself falling for some of her clients.

“There were times where that person really was my boyfriend because I fell in love — they started off as a client and then developed into a relationship, a romantic relationship,” she said.

“I guess if you’re spending a lot of time with someone like that it’s probably quite easy that feelings get involved sometimes.”

Even though she does find love from time to time and has to deal with jealous employees she doesn’t plan on giving up her shopping sprees. Men her age just want sex. Her clients, on the other hand, are more into pleasing her.

That’s an arrangement Chloe Amour enjoys. She also enjoys the Pretty Woman comparisons. She said, “I have seen the movie many times — too many to count.”

“It’s definitely a classic! Never in a million years would I think I would follow in the same footsteps but I’m truly grateful.”

If there’s a fictional character to follow in the footsteps of, Vivian Ward would be at the top of the list.

Written by Sean Joseph

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