OnlyFans Model Let’s Her Husband Dress Her & Sleep With Other Women While She Cooks & Cleans

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Rarely am I surprised by anything I see these days. I say rarely, because every once in a while I see something that is so bizarre it catches me off guard. This is one of those rare occasions.

The titles OnlyFans model and traditional housewife don’t seem like they go together. That was before 37-year-old Monica Huldt introduced the world to the concept.

Tradwife OnlyFans Model Monica Huldt
Monica Huldt and her husband John (Image Credit: Love Don’t Judge/YouTube)

Huldt, known as Swedish Bella to her millions of social media followers, is down with the “tradwife” movement. As you might have guessed, a tradwife is a woman who believes in traditional sex roles and a traditional marriage.

Her version of a traditional marriage not only includes OnlyFans, but it also includes her husband dressing her and sleeping with other women. Don’t worry, she cooks and cleans. Let’s not get too carried away.

“John likes me to dress nicely at home, like sexy-sporty, and he doesn’t like me wearing make-up around the house,” the Swedish born content creator who now lives in Arizona said. “Some women might not like being told what to do or wear but I love it when he gives me instructions.”

“When I deliver, it makes him happy – and in turn that makes me happy.”

When her husband isn’t dressing her, Huldt is wearing next to nothing – and literally nothing on OnlyFans. Her bio on the exclusive content platform announces, “Fully nude amateur XXX account.”

The bio adds, “Don’t be shy I’m open to everything” and “Access to exclusive NSFW content you won’t find anywhere else. I am pushing my boundaries daily!”

See what I mean. The OnlyFans model and traditional housewife sound like a very strange way to have the best of both worlds. These two might be time travelers.

Monica Huldt Just Changed The Traditional Housewife Game Forever

Speaking of the best of both worlds, her husband John explains why he sleeps with other women. He said on the show Love Don’t Judge, which featured the couple’s lifestyle choice, “This sleeping with other women thing, first of all, it’s a really small part of our relationship.”

“Monica was cool with it, and I was cool with it,” he continued. “I think it’s a luxury I have that probably most guys watching this wish they had just because of genetic programming.”

“If you look at how all other mammals that’s how they do it, typically the alpha gets to bang all other all the females.”

It’s hard to argue with that. If his wife doesn’t have a problem with it why should anyone else. She likes a man who takes charge. She also likes to take care of her husband. He likes to sleep with other women.

Huldt thinks more people would benefit from embracing the lifestyle, “If people didn’t frown upon it so much and just gave it a go, I think they would realize that it works.”

So she’s been able to get her friends to signup to have their significant others dress them and sleep with other women right? Not exactly.

Her friends haven’t yet discovered the benefits of being a tradwife OnlyFans model. She said, “I actually had childhood friends straight out telling me that I’ve lost my dignity as a woman.”

That’s exactly what a bunch of haters would say. They obviously aren’t capable of understanding the complex nature of the next level of existence that Huldt and her husband have managed to unlock.

Written by Sean Joseph

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