OnlyFans Model Not Worried About AI Generated Women Taking Over The Platform Because People Want To See Her Naked

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Images of attractive women, who all look very similar, and are wearing very little clothing have sparked a debate on social media. Many think the women are the result of artificial intelligence.

Part of the debate has some worried that the AI models are going to take over the adult content on OnlyFans.

One of the possibly AI created images features four blondes in dark lingerie. The group is posing for a picture as one of them holds a phone.

Laura Lux, an OnlyFans model originally from Australia, isn’t one who is worried about a potential AI takeover. She’s not worried because she doesn’t think anything will be able to replace the real thing.

By real thing she means the connection she has to her following and their connection to her boobs. She explained her lack of worry in a Twitter thread.

Laura says that people aren’t subscribing to OnlyFans just to see random women naked. They’re subscribing to the person’s OnlyFans because they want to see that person naked.

OnlyFans Model Laura Lux
OnlyFans model not worried about AI models (Image Credit: Laura Lux/Instagram)

She said, “people do not subscribe to my OnlyFans because they want to see a random naked woman, they subscribe to my OnlyFans because they want to see ME naked.”

Laura points out that the most successful OnlyFans models brought their following with them to the platform from other social media platforms. She knows this from firsthand experience. The blonde beauty has millions of followers across multiple platforms.

It’s All About The Connection With Your Following, Laura Lux Knows This

During the thread, Laura acknowledges that the connection with her following is a parasocial interaction. After making that acknowledgement, she was accused by some of leading vulnerable men on. She had different a thought on that claim and explained the parasocial interaction with her following.

Laura said, “seems a lot of people have misinterpreted my acknowledgment of a parasocial connection as “deviously leading poor vulnerable men on” rather than “titty pics from someone you’ve followed on twitter for 7 years are more interesting than typing ‘boobs’ into google image search.”

She makes a strong argument. It’s true the top of the food chain models on these kinds of platforms don’t have anything to worry about. Laura certainly doesn’t have anything to worry about.

But who’s to say that the AI models won’t be able to gain a large following on another platform then take that following to a subscription-based platform? There are plenty of weird people out there.

That might make it a little more difficult for the next generation of OnlyFans models.

Written by Sean Joseph

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  1. How many “poor vulnerable men” had posters of Lara Croft on their bedroom ceilings long before Angelina Jolie brought the video game girl to live. Did those same sickos pine for Aerial The Little Mermaid too …. ??????/

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