OnlyFans Model Spends $23k On Billboards To Promote Her Content Despite Pushback From Community

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How do you beat being throttled on social media for too much self-promotion of your exclusive content? You take your promotional efforts offline.

It’s unclear if OnlyFans model, Eliza Rose Watson, has fallen victim to being shadowbanned by social media platforms. But what is clear is she’s decided to do some promoting of her content the old fashioned way. With billboards.

OnlyFans Model Eliza Rose Watson
OnlyFans model buys billboards to promote content (Image Credit: Eliza Rose Watson/Instagram)

The 31-year-old, with 2.7 million Instagram followers purchased a couple of billboards earlier this month in London and New York. According to the recovered addict turned gym junkie, the one in London is the first of its kind to be put up in Britain.

Eliza Rose spent $23,000 on the billboards that she hopes will do more than promote her OnlyFans page. She wants to help change the perception around adult modeling.

She’s hopeful that her ads, which she says aren’t any worse than those of lingerie and alcohol companies, show people that being an OnlyFans model is a legitimate business.

“The one thing I don’t want to do is offend people,” Eliza Rose told “But there are ads far sexier than mine up all the time, like those for big lingerie companies with beautiful women in just bras and panties.”

”The only difference is that the woman in the ad doesn’t profit half as much as the brand she is modeling for.”

Expect More OnlyFans Model Billboards To Start Popping Up

Unfortunately for Eliza Rose, it’s going to take more than a few billboards to change the perception of OnlyFans models. The folks in London aren’t fans of her work.

People are up in arms and her billboard was even tagged earlier this week with the message, “keep porn off our streets.” It’s a small setback for the OnlyFans model, but she’ll be just fine.

Eliza Rose has more than 45,000 subscribers following her every move on her two OnlyFans pages. That was before she put up any billboards.

Her following translates to $200,000 a month in income. So, again, she’ll be just fine whether her billboard helps people see her business as legit or not.

In fact, even with the negative reaction to her billboards she’s like to add to those numbers. There’s no such thing as bad publicity after all.

Written by Sean Joseph

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