OnlyFans Model Promises Free Nudes For Every Goal Scored By Brazil

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Everyone wants to pretend to be a soccer fan when the World Cup rolls around. Very few are willing to put anything on the line for their country’s team. Luckily for her fans, OnlyFans model Daiane Tomazoni isn’t like everyone else.

In addition to being a successful content creator, the 24-year-old isn’t afraid to offer free content for her fans in support of her country’s team. Daiane revealed that she has a group of fans on Telegram that she interacts with and has given them a reason to get excited about the World Cup.

OnlyFans Model Daiane Tomazoni Promises Free Nudes For Every Goal Scored By Brazil
OnlyFans model offers nudes for every goal by Brazil (Image Credit: Daiane Tomazoni)

During those interactions with her fans, the Brazilian influencer noticed that they weren’t all that into the World Cup. She said in a recent interview, “I have a group on Telegram where I keep in close contact with my followers. Unlike subscriber platforms, this group is for interaction and for me to send previews of my content.”

“I talk a lot, I reply to everyone, and I realized that people weren’t that excited about the games. So I thought of creating a way to encourage everyone to better support the national team.”

Daiane’s idea to add a little excitement, and get her fans to support Brazil’s national team, was to drop nudes for every goal scored by Brazil.

Daiane Tomazoni Is Ready To Take Things To The Next Level

Being that it’s soccer, and there aren’t a ton of goals, her followers started to get a little antsy. They started asking for her to drop nudes for balls that hit the crossbar.

The goals eventually came, with Brazil putting two in the net in the first game. Daiane’s fans received two nudes as promised.

“But as soon as Richarlison scored the first, the group was thrilled,” she said. “And, of course, I sent the first photo completely uncensored.”

“Of course, with the second goal, people were even happier,” added the OnlyFans model.

Brazil has gone 2-0 in their two Group B games. This has Daiane thinking about expanding her offer to include videos.

“And since it worked out, in the next games I will keep and expand my pledge. Who knows? Maybe even with videos. Anything for the Brazil’s sixth title!”

Brazil takes on Cameroon on Friday. Good luck to them as they attempt to bring home another title and good luck Daiane’s followers. Win, lose, or draw may there be plenty of goals.

Written by Sean Joseph

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