OnlyFans Model Thanks Veterans For Their Service By Making Content With Two Of Them

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Giving back doesn’t have to be a difficult endeavor. You can always give time if money isn’t an option. Or you can do what OnlyFans model Cami Strella has done and turn your passion into a money making venture that provides the opportunity to give back in multiple ways.

Cami is a former stripper, who completed her undergraduate degree, and would like to pursue education in the neuroscience field. She joined OnlyFans prior to the pandemic and has worked her way into the top 0.02% of all creators.

OnlyFans Model Cami Strella
OnlyFans model gives back to the military (Image Credit: Cami Strella/Instagram)

Her success has her making more than $46,000 a month. It’s also given her the opportunity to give back to those who defend the country. She does that in more than one way. Back in January, Cami revealed that 10 percent of her monthly earnings go to military charities.

Specifically military charities that aid those with traumatic brain injuries and PTSD. Last week she shared a video that teased another way she has decided to give back to veterans. The text read, “When the people ask for a [porn] tape with TWO VETERANS, and today you give the people what they want.”

The comments from some of the veterans who are fans of her work seemed to appreciate the hard work. Some even volunteered for any future content shoots.

One said, “One way to thank me for my service.”

“Third veteran to collab with right here,” another who decided to volunteer said.

Not Many Giving Back Like Cami Strella Is

Cami is hopeful that the recent content, which was produced within the confines of U.S. military barracks, will help her to increase her donations to the military.

She told AVN, “I’ve always been into men in the military; I spent an entire summer working near a military base for my clinical rotation for grad school at the time and naturally, I met a lot of military men that wanted to go out with me and a random encounter led to us filming a video.”

And for anyone worried that the content created was somehow done so illegally, Cami assures everyone with those concerns that it was done so on the up and up. The participants in the OnlyFans content were also paid well.

“A lot of people are really up in arms claiming UCMJ and that this is illegal. I consensually filmed a sex tape with someone and I waited to release it until after that person was fully separated from the military after their contract ended.”

“Nothing was released or monetized until they were officially a veteran. And yes, they received a hefty cut from the video!”

Now that’s giving back and thanking veterans for their service.

Written by Sean Joseph

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