OnlyFans Model Astrid Wett Takes Responsibility For Leeds Being Relegated After Exposing One Of The Players For ‘Subscribing and Liking’ Her Content

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When OnlyFans model Astrid Wett isn’t stepping in the ring for Misfits boxing, or throwing punches at press conferences, she’s making content. Content that’s so distracting it can relegate an entire team from the Premier League.

That’s what the Chelsea fan is claiming her content did to Leeds United. The team finished the season in 19th place and was promptly shown the door. As is tradition. Some fans are pointing the blame at a disappointing loan from Juventus, Weston McKennie.

OnlyFans model Astrid Wett Leeds Relegation Weston McKinnie
Astrid Wett celebrates after beating Keeley Colbran. (Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images)

The midfielder appeared in 19 games for Leeds and didn’t live up to the hype. He was such a disappointment fans chanted “you fat bitch” at him after he was removed from the final game of the season. Another loss, the team’s 21st.

This is where Wett takes responsibility for Leeds being relegated. According to her, it was her content that is to blame for McKennie’s struggles with the team. He was so distracted by her social media activity that he couldn’t perform.

Wett took to Twitter with a screenshot of showing that McKennie had liked at least six of her pictures. She commented, along with the screenshot showing he wasn’t the only blue checkmark in her mentions, “No wonder he has a sh*t season he was too busy subscribing and liking my pics.”

Putting the entire failure of a season on one player is a tough thing to do. So McKennie liked a few pictures and might have had a subscription to some content.

Does this mean he couldn’t get going for Leeds? It seems like a stretch. A stretch that Wett is almost certainly making as a joke.

Astrid Wett Puts In A Lot Of Effort To Make Good Content, But No Content Relegation Level

If I’ve learned anything about the sport of soccer over the years, other than it’s really boring to watch, it’s that these guys have incredible stamina. On and off the field.

They can run for hours, barely score any goals, then still have enough energy to be linked to a model or some sort of sneaking women into a hotel scandal.

That part of the sport is unrivaled. Long story short, I’m not buying the claim that content played a part in McKennie’s struggles or Leeds being relegated.

But I’m not going to blame Wett for trying to make the link. There are people who are going to buy and she can now claim the title of the OnlyFans model with content so good it will relegate her team’s rivals.

That’s a solid strategy. That’s marketing in the year 2023.

Written by Sean Joseph

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