OnlyFans Model Alice Irving Sued By Rich Super Fan’s Ex-Wife After He Bought Her A Tesla

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OnlyFans has reached the point where content creators now have super fans. Some of those fans have more than a monthly subscription fee in disposable income to send their way. We’re not talking about paying a little extra for exclusive content.

Some OnlyFans models receive gifts from their fans. Alice Irving, 24, is one of those content creators that receives gifts, not just items off her Amazon wish list either. She once received a car from one of her rich super fans.

OnlyFans Model Alice Irving Sued By Rich Super Fan's Ex-Wife After He Bought Her A Tesla
OnlyFans model sued by super fan’s ex-wife (Image Credit: Alice Irving/Instagram)

Alice revealed that she mentioned needing a car and one of her wealthiest fans decided to buy her a new Tesla. This move didn’t sit well with her super fan’s now ex-wife and she tried to sue the popular content creator because of it.

She said, “One day I mentioned that I needed a car and he said, ‘You know what, I’m going to gift it to you.’ I thought there was no way he’d actually do it, but he sent me an email saying the car was mine and that I needed to pick it up from the Tesla center near where I lived.”

Alice took a friend and skeptically headed down to the Tesla center to pickup her new ride. A gift that she thought was a little bit of “revenge against his wife.”

The man’s wife apparently wasn’t happy about all of the money he was spending on Alice. That contributed to the divorce.

“I think his wife found out that he was giving me lots of money, so got jealous and wanted to divorce him,” she said. “I don’t think it’s my fault! But that’s what he told me – she found out and obviously got mad.”

It Might Be Time To Pump The Brakes On The OnlyFans Subscriptions

During the divorce the wife decided to come after the Tesla that was gifted to Alice. Unfortunately for the wife, she no longer had the vehicle. Thanks to the pandemic the value of the vehicle was well above the purchase price, so she sold it and claims to have pocketed $85,000.

According to Alice, the ex-wife was left nothing. Well, at least as far as the Tesla is concerned. If this guy is handing out Teslas to OnlyFans models then he has a few dollars to split.

“After that, the lawyer that the fan had sent me said there was no way his wife could get the money back as I’d sold the car one day before they officially signed their divorce papers,” she explained.

“He covered the cost of the lawyer but it was really easy – there was no way she could have taken it back from me.”

The internet has broken everyone’s brain. Handing out cars to someone you only know because you subscribe to their exclusive content i insanity.

Subscribing is one thing. Throwing away thousands of dollars on a car means and destroying your marriage means you’ve got some serious issues and you need help.

Written by Sean Joseph


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