OnlyFans Model Accuses Meta Workers Of Lifting Instagram Bans After Trading Sexual Favors

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Are you looking to get your Instagram page back after receiving a ban? There’s a solution. Have sex with Meta/Facebook employees!

OnlyFans star Kitty Lixo popped up on the “No Jumper” podcast to share the salacious details to her James Bond-esque rescue of her Instagram page from the ban hammer. “All you have to do is have someone really, really like you,” she told podcaster John Grandmaison.

The explanation goes quite a bit deeper and includes cruising LinkedIn looking for Meta workers to target. Lixo claims she slept with multiple workers inside the social media company after her account was “shut down like three or four times.”

Lixo explained how she was sleeping with a friend of hers that works on the Instagram side of the business and came through by having her ban lifted “which was really nice of him.”

Kitty further explained how her hookup friend told her which departments to target over having bans removed. “He told me that the integrity department is the one that’s up for reviews,” she noted.

That’s when Kitty turned into a sleuth and went over to LinkedIn to look up this guy’s Instagram connections in the integrity department which then led to stalking them on Instagram via her “backup, but still slutty” account.

One thing led to another and Kitty was meeting up with men, doing business and magically she had her Instagram account back.

And being the nice person that she is, Kitty explained how to get your account back if you’re not into trading sex.

“Every time they put in another review, it gets sent to a different person,” she explained. “In order to get it back if they deny you the first time, basically what a person has to do is keep trying, keep putting in reviews.”

Kitty says she’d do it all over again if it comes to it.

“I’d 100% do it again,” she told a Daily Dot reporter. “I deserve to be heard [because] I contribute to their platform in a sizeable way.”

Kitty’s right. She has 70 thousand more followers than the Asian curve model Sports Illustrated just put on the 2022 swimsuit issue cover.

Should it come as a surprise that allegedly all it takes is sex to have an Instagram ban lifted? Of course not. Now what’s it going to take to have shadow bans lifted? Tickets to a 49ers game? Uber gift cards?

Written by Joe Kinsey

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