OnlyFans Forces Model To Refund A Paying Customer Then Lets The Customer Keep Her Content

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An OnlyFans model has been left looking for answers after the platform made her refund a paying customer. The most confusing part, other than the amount the customer spent, is that they still have access her content.

Twitch streamer and OnlyFans model Barely Alex says she had to return more than $1,000 to a paying customer after the transactions were flagged as fraud. She took to Twitter to voice her concerns.

OnlyFans Model Barely Alex
Content creator looking for answers after OnlyFans made her refund a customer (Image Credit: Barely Alex/Instagram)

Alex tweeted along with a few screenshots, “Is this even legal?? How does OF allow someone to spend $1200, then claim it’s fraud and take it out of my pocket?”

“$1200 just stolen from me. And their account is still active, it just says they’ve spent $0 now. They still have access to ALL messages and videos. Wtf. Protect your god damn creators.”

Spending that kind of money on OnlyFans content is insane. But I’m not here to pass judgment on who may or may not need counseling.

I’m trying to get to the bottom of this possible case of buyer’s remorse. That’s what’s going on here right? That or stolen credit card situation

Either way, you can’t blame Barely Alex for wanting to get to the bottom of a refund policy that allows the customer who has been refunded to keep the content.

It’s not about the money for Alex. It’s about the principle. What’s to keep other customers from pulling the same move? Now we’re talking about money. Possibly a lot of money.

OnlyFans Models Have Bills To Pay Too

“Like it’s fine and I have plenty of money from the weekend stuff that I’m still very much breaking all my records, I’m more just disappointed that they won’t protect us and now I have to change the way I conduct business to protect myself,” she added. “Just a bummer honestly.”

Bottom line content creators are people too. If this is a case of buyer’s remorse that’s on you. You can’t then go back and claim fraud.

Every action has a consequence. It’s on you to face your wife and kids and try to explain why you spent the mortgage payment on an OnlyFans model. Don’t take it out of her pocket, she has to eat too.

Written by Sean Joseph

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