Woke Pat Forde Remains Silent On Lia Thomas Winning A National Title Over His Daughter & Her Olympic Friends

Woke Sports Illustrated writer Pat Forde has been poked and prodded since Thursday over his daughter, all-American swimmer Brooke Forde of Stanford, finishing fourth in the 500 freestyle national championship race against transgender swimmer Lia Thomas.

Pat won't say a thing. He hasn't congratulated Lia on beating his daughter. He hasn't said that Emma Weyant is the real national champion. Nothing.

In fact, Pat hasn't said anything on Lia Thomas since a January Yahoo college football podcast where he blamed the Thomas hysteria on people who "don't give a damn about women's sports" while not ruling out that he might have a problem with the transgender swimmer competing against his daughter and other biological females.

“I think the expectation is that this would be very late to change the rules of the game and to put her out of that…There is major questions of inclusivity, fairness. Is this damaging to women’s sports? Do we ever get to a point where we have a third category at the college level, men’s swimming, women’s swimming and transgender swimming?” Forde said during a conversation with sportswriter Dan Wetzel.

“It is funny. Some of the folks who are really wound up about this and screaming about the fairness about women’s sports really don’t give a damn about women’s sports. They are using this as a political wedge issue, and they are using it as a sign the country has absolutely run amok and has lost its mind to political correctness and blah blah blah. There are a lot of political opinions about this, but some of them are cloaked, I think, in bogus terms.”

And then Pat went silent. He's remained silent and it doesn't appear that the normally vocal blue checkmark will make a stand for biological women as the NCAA Championships come to a close Saturday night in Atlanta.

Instead, Pat has spent his time playing swimming rules cop against his haters.

Remember when Pat Forde had strong takes about COVID and seemed to enjoy coaches losing because they refused to be double-masked like Pat? Those were the days.

With takes like these, you'd think Pat would have a current take on a biological male beating his daughter and her Olympic teammates (Weyant, Sullivan and Forde won silver medals at the Tokyo Games) in the 500 freestyle. You'd think a women's swimming defender like Pat would have a tweet for the swimmer who was in tears after she missed the NCAA Championships because a spot went to a biological male.

Crickets from Pat.

Does Pat care about the future of women's sports? It sure doesn't seem so after so much silence this weekend. If he did, this was the weekend to use his platform. Instead, he just sat there and let a biological male beat his biological daughter and her Olympic friends.

It's not a good look, Pat.

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