Clay: Heck With China, Let's Stage Our Own Allied Olympics

As we relayed earlier, the U.S. is contemplating joining allied forces in boycotting the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. Given the magnitude of the human rights violations taking place in China, it makes sense.

But OutKick founder Clay Travis thinks that doesn't mean the U.S. needs to avoid competing in games altogether.

"The United States and Canada, in particular, we basically win every Winter Olympic medal," Clay says. "We should put on our own version of the Winter Olympics in the United States and invite all the allied countries to join us.”

Clay is correct. Along with the U.S. and Canada, Norway and Germany are among the most dominant countries in the winter games. And perhaps both would be willing to go for the idea of an Allied Olympics.

The U.S. and Norway have long enjoyed friendly relations and mutual respect. And today, the U.S. is unquestionably one of Germany's closest allies.

Check out the entire video below to see more of what Clay has to say.

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