Olympic Weightlifters Told To ‘Be Quiet’ About Transgender Competitors

Laurel Hubbard, a 43-year-old weightlifter from New Zealand, is expected to be the first ever transgender athlete to compete in the Olympics. Though Hubbard has not been officially selected to participate in the Tokyo Games, all signs point to a quota spot being allocated for the weightlifter. And Tracey Lambrechs, a former Olympic weightlifter who won a bronze medal for New Zealand in 2018, isn’t happy about it.

Why? Because the idea of Hubbard competing doesn’t promote equality for women. In fact, it does quite the opposite. Is Lambrechs allowed to complain about it though? No, female weightlifters are being told to stay quiet on the issue.

“I’m quite disappointed for the female athlete who will lose out on that spot,” Lambrech told TVNZ, via Sports Bible. “We’re all about equality for women in sport, but right now that equality is being taken away from us.

“I’ve had female weightlifters come up to me and say, ‘What do we do? This isn’t fair. What do we do?’ Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do because every time we voice it, we get told to be quiet.”

Let’s put Lambrech’s perspective into context. Hubbard participated in men’s weightlifting competitions before transitioning into a woman back in 2013. In other words, Hubbard, a person who once held their own with men, will now get to compete with women.

Is that fair?

A lot of the female weightlifters don’t think so, but they are limited in what they can say about it. They can speak out all they want for women’s equality. They just can’t speak out about having to compete against someone who was once a man.

Makes sense, right?

This is the Olympics, folks. Athletes have been preparing their entire lives for this moment, but that doesn’t matter apparently. Once again, those who disagree with the woke crowd are expected to remain silent.

I wonder what would happen if Lambrech and others continued to press the issue. What do you think?

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Written by Clint Lamb

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