Olympic Swimmer Linda Cerruti Fights Back Against ‘Sexist’ Comments After Posting Racy Medal Photo

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In what shouldn’t come as a shock in 2022, a racy photo posted by Italian Olympic synchronized swimmer Linda Cerruti was the subject of “sexist and vulgar” comments left on her Instagram page and this time Linda is so fed up she has fired back at the scumbags who can’t get their minds out of the gutter.

The photo of Cerruti in some sort of yoga pose while wearing a bikini on a rock next to the ocean where she has eight 2022 European Aquatics Championship medals draped over her legs led to some wild comments from an Instagram community where, as other women have found out over the years, it’s pretty much the norm.

“Two days ago I shared a photo taken at the beach where I’ve always been going, where I grew my first dreams and that for me also has a great symbolic value. The photo depicts me in an artistic pose, typical of my sport, upside down and split,” Cerruti wrote on Instagram.

Italian Olympic synchronized swimmer Linda Cerruti faced “sexist and vulgar” backlash over her yoga pose showing off medals she won at the 2022 European Aquatics Championships. Instagram / lindacerruti

“This morning a friend of mine sent me one of these posts shared by the headlines on their Facebook page, I open it and I am literally bashed and disgusted by the hundreds, probably thousands, of inappropriate, sexist comments and vulgar people that go with it,” Cerruti continued. “Up here, apologizing in advance to the young athletes who follow me for how much they will read (but the alternative is silence, which is one of the reasons why we still read these things today) I report some examples of the lack of some sentences in the comment of the photo. After more than 20 years of training and sacrifices, I find it SHAMEFUL to say the least and it really hurts my heart to read this horde of people making jokes that sexualize my body.”

And with that, the Olympian decided to fight back and post some of the comments.

“Nice medals, but the space between medals 4 and 5 isn’t bad either,” one comment, written in Italian read.

In another, an Italian male wrote, “Very good … in the pool and outside.”

More comments left for the medalist included:

“I would throw myself deeply…into that sea.”

“the medal that has more importance is the one that is between the legs.”

Another male told Cerruti where he could “have put the statuette.”

True fans and fellow Italian blue checkmarks eventually rallied around Linda by asking her to reveal the names of the pigs who came after their hero.

“You are our pride!” one person wrote. “All idiots hide behind their screens.”

Written by Joe Kinsey

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