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I kept my word

What a night in the yard. WHAT A NIGHT! I was able to mow the yard, grill burgers for the kids, swim, watch football while the four-year-old begged me to go underwater with him, drink margs in the pool, and then stay up late to watch April Ross and Alix Klineman win gold in beach volleyball. Now that’s a full Thursday night. So full!

The football game was incredible, even though the kickers were horrible. The highlight had to be every single time Joe Buck threw it down to Tom Rinaldi. I just assumed I was about to cry. Tom started interviewing Drew Pearson, and I almost cried on cue. I tweeted that Rinaldi was put on Earth to do Hall of Fame interviews, and I’ll stand by that statement. The guy had a passion for interviews that are typically uninteresting because the HOFer just tells the sideline reporter how happy he is to be in Canton. Rinaldi had Pearson explaining tattoos. I can’t remember Rinaldi’s full body of work from last night because of the margs, but let’s just say that the guy is going to have an incredible NFL season. He’s going to bring grown men to tears DURING GAMES. You’re going to be all loaded on pork and booze enjoying a wild day of NFL action and then all of a sudden, you’ll find yourself in a puddle of tears during the third quarter of an Eagles-Cowboys game.

As for Erin Andrews, good luck keeping up with Rinaldi. Her aww shucks, I hate to bug you for an interview style is going to get crushed fast by Tom if she doesn’t sharpen her skills.

And one more thing from last night…Peyton and Eli’s Monday Night Football broadcast is going to be incredible. I absolutely hate that it’s part of ESPN, but I’ll put aside my hatred for that company to listen to Peyton and Eli do their thing. Peyton walked into that booth last night, got between Troy and Joe and then went to work. It was art as he made fun of his forehead and neck. And we also heard that Tom Brady’s flying in to sit in Peyton’s section for his induction.

• Berend writes:

First off I just wanted to say I appreciate what you are doing in creating an awesome community of sport loving, normal people. I own a small business in Nashville, TN and it’s just nice to hear about other people living relatable lives to myself. I have been reading your articles on OutKick since you’ve been on there and thoroughly enjoy them. 
I mainly just wanted to share support for the Gauntlet. I will be hosting 7 of my buddies next Wednesday to auction teams. We are very excited to get this going! Please pass on my appreciation to Tim for sharing this awesome idea. 
Keep doing what you’re doing! Thank you!

I have to say, I didn’t expect Tim in Texas to create the next great NFL fantasy league, but here we are with his Gauntlet catching on and spreading like crazy. After sharing numerous emails with Tim, I have to believe he’s getting chills from all the praise going on here. No way it’s going to his head.

• Speaking of the Gauntlet, Stephen M. wants in a league if anyone has an opening.

Love the Screencaps.  They are must-read for me at some point in the day.  Keep up the good work!

Is there an opportunity to connect readers with others who would like to be in a Gauntlet League?  I floated the idea to my buddies, but they are a bunch of cheapskates.  It took us 3 years of raising dues in fantasy football to keep guys from complaining about the dues increase.  In any event, if someone emails looking for guys to participate in a gauntlet league, I’m in.

Send me an email — joekinsey@gmail.com — and I’ll connect you with Stephen.

• I received two suggestions for a fall football trip. Nathan threw out Alabama-A&M while Iowa State Bob said I have to experience Iowa-Iowa State. Nathan even offered up a ticket for Bama-A&M. I like where this is going, but I need to hear more from you guys.

Which one of you throws an incredible tailgating experience? Perhaps you have the perfect tailgating spot. I want to hear about it and then I want to select one game to attend.

Let’s go out there and have an incredible weekend. It’s going to be blazing hot for most parts of the country. Get in those pools. Get those Gauntlet leagues formed. Get on the golf course.

And then tell me all about what you get into.

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