Olivia Dunne Rides A Horse, Continues Her Country Girl Vibes

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Olivia Dunne is really starting to soak up the country girl lifestyle.

Dunne showed up and showed out at the ACMs earlier in the week, and made her presence known on the red carpet Thursday night.

However, that wasn’t the highlight of her evening. She managed to find Sheriff the Bar Horse while at the festivities in Dallas, according to TMZ. As anyone knows, when you have the chance to hop on a horse, you do it.

That’s even truer when you’re talking about a horse that is a local icon. Check out Olivia Dunne crushing it on a horse like she’s in “Yellowstone” below.

Olivia Dunne seems like a fan of the country lifestyle.

First off, great song choice. “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)” is an absolute banger. I’ve been to several Big & Rich concerts over the years, and I’ve never not seen the place erupt whenever it comes on. If you’re on a horse and in a good mood, it’s the only song that really makes sense.

If you find yourself on a horse ready to do some bad things, I’d recommend checking out the “Yellowstone” soundtrack. I digress.

What is becoming clear is the LSU star athlete certainly seems to like the idea of being a cowgirl. At minimum she seems to really enjoy country stuff like cowboy hats.


a little commotion for the boots❕ #foryou

♬ Everything I Love – Morgan Wallen

She even recently went viral for claiming she was on the search for a country boy. We have the hat, a country girl outfit in a recent TikTok, her openly stating she wants a country boy and now she rides a horse.

I might not be a detective, but all the pieces seem to be pointing to one conclusion:

Olivia Dunne loves being country.

Olivia Dunne rode a horse while at the ACMs Thursday night. The LSU star continues to drop viral content on a regular basis. (Credit: Getty Images and TikTok Video screenshot/https://www.tiktok.com/@livvy/video/7232433799869582634)

Is there a spot waiting for her on “Yellowstone”? Will Olivia Dunne use her NIL cash to buy a big ranch and ride off into the sunset?

Your guess is as good as mine, but at this point, she couldn’t be any more obvious about the fact she has a serious country streak in her. We’re definitely not against it!

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