Olivia Dunne Trolls TikTok With New Viral Video

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Olivia Dunne was back to firing heat with a new TikTok video, and this time, she also did a little trolling.

The LSU gymnast was briefly suspended from the social media platform for no known reason a couple weeks back. Her entire account just disappeared without warning.

When it returned, there was a warning on one of gymnastic videos, which seemed to indicate her account was hit with a brief suspension over unsafe videos. It was very weird, and it’s still not clear what happened.

Olivia Dunne does a little trolling.

In a video shared Friday night, Dunne had an LSU teammate jump on her back while fooling around in the locker room.

In an apparent attempt to mock TikTok over her previous ban, she commented on her own post, “I’m innocent plz don’t put this under review [praying emoji].”

What’s interesting is the comment is no longer visible as far as I can tell. Did Dunne delete her comment out of fear TikTok would actually punish her?

It’s hard to say, but fortunately, there is a screenshot of her comment below.

Olivia Dunne trolls TikTok. (Credit: Olivia Dunne/TikTok)

Dunne continues to be a star.

As we’ve covered extensively here at OutKick, Olivia Dunne is an absolute star, and anyone who says otherwise is just lying.

There’s no other woman who even comes close to touching her status. While Jess Gardner is still growing on us here at OutKick, the gap is huge.

Olivia Dunne currently boasts a total of 10.9 million combined followers between Instagram and TikTok. Those are superstar numbers. Those are hall of fame numbers and she’s just 20. She’s not even old enough to buy a beer and is already rolling in money thanks to NIL.

Olivia Dunne is a superstar. (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

It should be fun to see what Dunne comes up with next. It’s always fun to see someone do a little trolling, even if it appears she later deleted it. Stick to your guns, Livvy!

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