Olivia Dunne Goes Viral With Latest Transformation Video

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Olivia Dunne, once again, has managed to go viral.

Stop me if you’ve ever heard this one before: the LSU star and internet sensation dropped a new video that immediately captured everyone’s attention.

That couldn’t possibly be correct, right? Well, of course it is and we all know it. Dunne is known for dropping transformation videos from time-to-time, and her latest one has already been watched more than 800,000 since last night.

Olivia Dunne remains unrivaled.

As we’ve mentioned multiple times here at OutKick, there’s really nobody close to Olivia Dunne when it comes to athletes also capable of dominating the internet.

The Cavinder twins have a large following, but it’s not nearly as large. We’re talking 7.2 million followers vs. 4.3 million on just TikTok.

Dunne is blowing them out in dominating fashion. Jess Gardner is also carving out her own path in the internet game, but she’s pretty much a rookie at this point. She’s years behind catching Dunne, who makes millions in NIL cash.

Olivia Dunne continues to dominate the internet. The LSU gymnast is incredibly popular on Instagram and TikTok. (Credit: Getty Images)

Here in America, we respect generation greatness. Whether it’s Michael Jordan in the NBA, Tom Brady in the NFL or Olivia Dunne in the TikTok or NIL game, you always have to tip your cap to someone who is unmatched.

For now, Dunne is in a league of her own, and this little transformation video is just the latest reminder. When she flips the switch, it’s guaranteed views.

Back in the day, Erin Andrews was known as “page views.” Dunne is quickly doing her best to take that nickname and never give it up.

At this point, you’re just living with your head in the sand if you’re not on the Olivia Dunne train. It’s not only not slowing down, it’s starting to speed away from the rest of the pack at breakneck speed.

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