Olivia Dunne And Her Mother Offer Advice On How To Keep Things “Normal” Amidst Chaos Of Name, Image, Likeness Era

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Olivia Dunne is a household name at this point. Although she doesn’t look at her follower count often, sometimes even she can’t believe how big her brand has become.

With the rise in fame, there have been a lot of instances in which Dunne could have let it all become too much. It’s not an easy thing to have millions of people wanting to know your every move.

As silly as it might sound, it’s also not an easy thing to have hundreds of brands knocking on your door with a partnership opportunity. NIL deals are great, but there is more to it than money.

Olivia, with a lot of help from her mother Katherine and sister Julz, has built an empire. They have made sure to keep things as normal as possible while doing so.

How does Olivia Dunne maintain normalcy?

Olivia and Kat spoke to a group of top college football recruits in the Class of 2024 at the On3 NIL Elite Series on Wednesday afternoon. The event, focused on providing recruits with the skills needed to thrive within the Name, Image and Likeness space, allowed both parents and athletes to ask the Dunne family about their experiences at the end of a conversation with OutKick’s Jonathan Hutton.

One recruit’s mother spoke specifically to Kat. As her son begins to enter into the Name, Image and Likeness space, she wanted to know how they kept a sense of normalcy amidst all of the chaos.

The most important thing is to try and just do normal things and have normal responsibilities. Keep your inner circle of who you trust small. Especially as things escalate, you want to know who your people are, and they’ll always keep you grounded and normal.

Live the “normal” college life in the present, but take the NIL opportunities as they come and use them more as a foundation for your future. Treat that side as a business that you’re operating, don’t let it get in the way of day-to-day.

— Katherine Dunne

Olivia finds that her biggest sense of normalcy comes through her athletics. The focus is only on her craft.

When I’m in the gym, I never talk about NIL with my teammates, or at all. We talk about normal college things. When we’re in the locker room, it’s normal locker room talk.

It’s never about brand deals. It’s never about NIL.

Sometime a teammate or two will come up and ask me for advice about it, but even then, we talk about it more in depth later on. I hope that I can (elevate everyone around me) in all aspects of my life, not just NIL— as a teammate, as a friend and as a sister.

— Olivia Dunne

At the end of the day, gymnastics is not what defines Olivia Dunne. TikTok or Instagram are not what define Olivia Dunne. She is an athlete, yes. She is an internet sensation, yes.

But she is also just Olivia Dunne, a rising senior in college.

Keeping that perspective is important, and it’s a lot easier for her to feel “normal” when the people around her are focused on that goal as well.

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