Olivia Dunne Shows Off Her Gymnastic Skills In A Video Designed To Drive Her Haters Crazy

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Say what you want about Olivia Dunne — and really what hasn’t been said at this point — but she’s having a lot of fun working on her NIL marketability. On Friday, the LSU gymnast shared a video of her practicing her craft that was skillfully designed to maximize views.

Not that other videos of Olivia’s aren’t designed for that purpose. But this one seems to have had a little more time spent on its ability to attract eyeballs. It’s definitely a video the New York Times is going to enjoy hate watching.

Olivia Dunne Viral TikTok
LSU gymnast practicing on the balance beam (Image Credit: Olivia Dunne/TikTok)

The social media star’s fans on the other hand will be watching the quick TikTok video for other, more mentally healthy, reasons. With over 2.5 million views in less than 24 hours, a decent amount of them already have.

Olivia captioned the video, “pov: ur flipping on a 4 inch pice of wood.” It shows her sharpening her gymnastics skills by putting in some work on a balance beam.


pov: ur flipping on a 4 inch piece of wood #foryou #lsu #gymnastics

♬ focus babe – janessza 🆘

With the LSU Gymnastics season right around the corner, it makes sense that she’s putting in the work. It also makes sense that there will probably be a lot more practice sessions that get turned into content.

If the comment section is any indication, and it is, then her following is fully onboard with that. You won’t find too many haters in her comments. It’s funny how that works.

Olivia Dunne Keeps Leading From The Front

Olivia’s going to continue to work hard and play hard. Sometimes those two things come together and when they do, the results have been pretty good.

It’s a formula that doesn’t need much tweaking. Occasionally there needs to be times when she puts the haters in check, but that isn’t very often.

There’s a reason she’s among the top NIL earners in all of college athletics.

Written by Sean Joseph


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