Olivia Dunne Face Plants In Humorous TikTok Video

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Olivia Dunne apparently has jokes as well as popular Instagram content!

Dunne has amassed more than 11.4 million followers between TikTok and Instagram, and her content regularly goes viral.

Whether it’s rocking a bikini, gymnastics, doing a little dancing to some country music, wearing a cowboy hat or appearing in the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, Dunne can seemingly do it all.

She only has one speed and it’s pedal to the metal.

However, gymnastics isn’t all fun and games and she put that on full-display in a new TikTok video about “things I ate and survived.”

Turns out, she once at the mat in brutal fashion while a camera was rolling. She face planted in about as straight forward fashion as it gets, but at least she has a sense of humor.


Not a crumb in sight. foryou gymnastics

♬ original sound – Tank the GSD

Olivia Dunne isn’t above cracking jokes at herself.

It’s important to be able to laugh at yourself. Nobody likes a person who takes everything super seriously.

Even guys who go to war and kill people in combat still find time to crack jokes and have fun. If they can, so can you. Nobody is above a little self-deprecating humor.

That rule also applies to Olivia Dunne.

Olivia Dunne pokes fun at herself after face planting while doing gymnastics. The LSU star isn’t afraid of a little self-deprecating humor. (Photo by John Korduner/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Fortunately, it appears she’s more than willing to embarrass herself and chuckle when necessary. If I face planted, you’d like hear some words that I can’t publish here without putting my job at risk.

Dunne decided to use the situation to her advantage. She fired up her phone, hit up TikTok, dropped a video and generated plenty of views.

If you haven’t noticed yet, going viral is kind of her thing.

Olivia Dunne goes viral with face plant video. (Photo by Aric Becker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Hopefully, it didn’t take long for Olivia Dunne to bounce back from the unfortunate moment. Even the stars struggle from time to time. At least she doesn’t take herself too seriously.

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