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In honor of the Hand Wash A Car Screencaps community that I had no idea existed

Like I always say, there are topics that pop up via this column that catch me completely off-guard, and washing a car at home multiple times a month is one of those subjects. Travers H. was curious how many Screencaps readers wash their cars by hand twice a month and I set the over/under at 1%.

The response was swift, including from Mike T. in Idaho who was appalled at such a low over/under.

• Mike T. writes:

I was a little setback at the comments on washing your own car. Granted, I’m retired, but weather permitting ( below 32, no) I’ve washed every car and motorcycle I’ve owned since I started driving a long time ago. Company car, personal car, motorcycle it doesn’t matter it gets washed weekly and waxed every other month.

Washing the car gives me the same satisfaction as mowing my grass and taking care of the yard! It’s the pride of seeing the beauty of the shine and knowing you did it yourself!

• Mike in Pasadena, the exotic wood guy, also wants a piece of my 1% prediction:

I hand wash my Wifes car EVERY weekend.  Inside and out, rims and tires.  It’s not because she requests it,  it’s because I personally don’t like seeing attractive women driving in dirty cars.

I have to assume the number is greater than 1% in the community doing the same. (hand washing their cars)

• Randy T. writes:

This may be the first time I qualify, but I am in the 1% for hand washing my car. Mainly because my wife wants hers washed once a week (weather depending), but I usually do mine every other week. That includes wiping the windows insides with the chamois and a light vacuuming of the floor boards. Unfortunately, my kids rarely help as we typically do it before they get up on Saturdays.


And now a little something for the hand-washing community. For these guys, this is like a before and after reveal of an Instagram model getting ready for a shoot.

Justified community weighs in on Justified

Emailer Franco, who might actually be a new emailer, figured out how to get a response out of the community. He asked if Justfied: City Primeval “kind of stinks.”

• Michael in Allons, TN writes:

Completely agree with Franco. I noticed after 2 episodes, it was a totally different show than before. Being set in Detroit wasn’t the issue. I gave up on it after 3 episodes. It’s hard, if not impossible sometimes to top the original. Just call it as it is, a money grab. 

• Greg S. in Pinetop, AZ writes:

I’m enjoying the new season of Justified keeping in mind that it is adapted from another Elmore Leonard story that Raylan was not originally included. Any Justified is better than no Justified with the current state of TV. Hopefully it is popular enough for another season that has him returning to Harlan County.


Greg also wanted to show off his RESCUE (Screencaps is #NotSponsored by RESCUE) trap and how it’s been doing.

• Greg adds:

Here are some trophy pictures of my victory over flies and hornets this summer. Your Rescue traps will look like these in a month:


Let’s get back to Justified.

Franco actually wants to add more to his Justified argument and he thinks I added an IG to argue his point about Justified being poor. Franco, I just added the first IG embed I could find to illustrate the show you’re talking about. I rarely, if ever, watch a TV series.

• Franco adds:

Your counter-argument was excellent. It was the best scene in the series this year in my opinion.

It was the old Raylan Givens. All attitude. “You want to go? Let’s go. Man to man.” Great dialogue. Great scene.

The problem for me is this is the teaser at the end of episode 7, which leads to the final episode which will be a showdown between the two.

In the old Justified, this stuff happened almost every episode. I feel like I am watching one episode of Justified that is 8 hours long this year.

It’s all just character actor film with a snail-like slow plot developing with a payoff at the end. We used to get a payoff at the end of almost every old Justified episode back in the day.

Hollywood is screwing us over.

Littering scumbags

• Paul in Cincy wants a word with the scumbags:

Hi Joe, thanks for all you do to keep morale at a good level during these crazy times.  As someone that shagged more than my fair share of grocery carts while working through college, I agree that returning the cart to the corral isn’t too much to ask.  But there’s another type of anti-social behavior that is at epidemic levels and that is LITTERING! 

There is trash everywhere you look.  Not just along the major roadways but throughout neighborhoods, in front of our church and even on the golf course! 

People simply don’t care and they think the world is their garbage can.   I do my part to keep my small part of the Nati picked up but it’s an ongoing problem.  Clearly, a large portion of society is comprised of lazy scumbags who care nothing about the appearance of where they live.

Come on people, do better!!  But who am I kidding??  Scumbags don’t read Screencaps.


My favorite littering scumbags, which isn’t a compliment, are the scumbags who attend baseball games at a park and then leave trash for the non-existent park grounds staff to clean up. Yes, the city employees the guys in neon shirts to keep the city nice, but I want them doing things like trimming trees, fixing drainage issues and other real work, not picking up Slade’s Gatorade bottle that he didn’t throw in the trash because Slade’s parents allow him to embody scumbaggery behaviors.

Golf pants and Respecting Summer

• Kevin in Toboso, OH writes:

I will forgive you for wearing pants golfing this weekend unless you had on skinny pants, then it is definitely into the penalty box!


No, they’re not skinny pants. Trust me, Kevin, that’s not happening. They were just whatever comfortable slacks Costco sold last fall.

• Larry H. in Tennessee writes:

Solution for your shorts/pants golf problem. Convertible pants. I know cargo pants/shorts are not normal golf attire but, seems practical enough. Pants during cool periods then as it warms up, just unzip the pant legs and then you have shorts.

Fish vs. bald eagle…let’s see who wins this battle

• Chris B. sent in this exclusive video with a simple message:



That should get the energy rolling through your body this morning. What a cliffhanger.

NFL’s worst fans

Based on the level of violence and volume of violence caught on camera the last couple of years, I am giving this title to 49ers fans. Yes, Cowboys fans are right there, but something is going on in the Bay Area outside of people shooting up tranq. It feels like 49ers fans are looking to do serious physical damage on a regular basis.

Doing Hard Things and having fun at the same time

• Ricky A. writes:

I, like many others out there, get frustrated with the state of our society & the world as a whole at times.  Then there are full-throttle weekends where a life full of doing hard things pays off to a 60hr stretch of doing fun things. 

On a personal side, spent the last three years getting past my personal issues & struggles getting a dream car restored. 

Took the last six months to get my head out of my own backside to finish it off after eating a big slice of humble pie, but done nonetheless thanks to a great shop.  Distillery tour? Check.  Porch cigars & short pours? Check.  Car show? Check. 

Three glorious rounds of match play intensity with the fellas? Check.  To all of you out there, I hope the ability to have your hard work pay off comes to you as I’m fortunate enough to have.  Great friends, great opportunities & a humble reminder of just how great of a place we live in. 

Shoutout to the fine folks of western PA for putting on a great show during our stay & some absolutely beautiful countryside for scenery.  Thanks as always Joe for what this community provides & hopefully my story will be the domino someone else needs around here. 

The belt made it home to the rightful champs needless to say.

Remember to say hello to people today

• Mike T. in Idaho is still my friend even after the car hand-washing fiasco and sent this one in from Gallup (read the full report here) :

Now that’s an action-packed edition of Tuesday Screencaps.

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