Opposing Dugout Left With Jaws On Floor As 250-Pound Ole Miss Slugger Mashes Nearly 500-Foot Moonshot Off Scoreboard

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Reigning national champions Ole Miss baseball lost to Memphis in a midweek game at home on Tuesday. It was another demoralizing loss for the Rebels, who have yet to figure out their identity in 2023, but it came with one of the best highlights of the season.

Right fielder ‘Kuntri Kemp’ Alderman hit a ball into orbit.

Alderman, a Mississippian through and through, stands 6-foot-3, 250 pounds. He’s a big fella, and it is ill-advised for an opposing pitcher to throw a juicy fastball within a country mile of the strike zone when he’s at the plate.

Alderman will make you pay, as he did against the Tigers.

An eight-pitch at-bat saw a 2-2 count with one on and no outs in the bottom of the fourth inning. Left-hander J.T. Durham made a big mistake and put his offering up, but neither in nor out.

Ole Miss’ big-bodied slugger took him DEEP.

The pitch was right over the dish and Alderman got every inch. Kuntri Kemp turned on the ball and sent it soaring out to left field at 115 miles per hour off the bat.

There is a chance that it never would have landed if not for getting stopped by the giant scoreboard. Alderman’s 480-foot (!!) bomb hit the scoreboard.


Everybody and their mother couldn’t help but turn and watch the ball fly out of Ole Miss’ park and into the stratosphere with their jaws hanging on the floor. Even the Memphis dugout could not believe the towering moonshot that they had just witnessed. Their reactions were incredible.

Alderman’s nearly 500-foot dinger helped spark a rally for Ole Miss, but it went on to lose by two after the Tigers rallied in the ninth inning. The loss will soon be forgotten, but the dugout reaction to Kuntri Kemp’s tater will live forever.

Written by Grayson Weir

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