Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy Inks Lifetime Contract With Cowboys

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Mike Gundy has gone from the outhouse to the penthouse, and he won’t be leaving anytime soon. The Oklahoma State football coach has agreed to what is essentially a lifetime contract with the Cowboys just over a year after the blue checks told us he was done.

In the summer of 2020, Gundy took heat for wearing an OAN t-shirt while fishing. Since his choice of boating attire represented OAN and not one of the preferred mainstream media outlets, the blue checks were up in arms and called for his job. Even some of his own players like Chuba Hubbard, now a Carolina Panther, were bothered by Gundy’s wardrobe.

Hubbard called Gundy’s decision to sport an OAN shirt “insensitive” and “unacceptable.” Because of a t-shirt. Seriously.

Coach Gundy likely would’ve been left unbothered if he had worn a CNN or MSNBC tee while casting a line. But that’s neither here nor there. Instead, Gundy can now laugh about the entire episode…all the way to the bank.

On Friday afternoon, Gundy signed a perpetual five-year contract with OSU that automatically extends after each season, keeping him at his alma mater for as long as he’d like.

“Coach Gundy has elevated the Cowboys to among the most consistent winners in college football during his 17-year tenure at Oklahoma State University,” said OSU athletic director Chad Weiberg. “This reinforces Oklahoma State’s commitment to competing for championships in football and to winning the right way … I look forward to the future and believe the best is yet to come for Cowboy Football under coach Gundy’s leadership.”

Through the season’s first six games, Gundy’s 8th ranked Cowboys are yet to taste defeat, something the woke mob can’t relate to.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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  1. In the winter of 1994 I received a call from Mike Gundy. At the time I was on the donor list at Oklahoma State and he was calling a number of donors as he was applying for the head coaching job that eventually went to Bob Simmons. His words exactly: ” I am not going to get this job right now. I need to go somewhere else and get some experience.” (Mike was an assistant to Pat Jones after his career at OSU and I believe he went to the Maryland staff in 1994). ” But I am going to get this job some day and it is my New York Yankee job. I will win and be here until they don’t want me anymore. I promise you that.” Quite a prophecy!

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