THE JUICE IS LOOSE: O.J. Simpson Says It’s Not Fair For Women To Compete Against Biological Men

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O.J. Simpson doesn’t think biological men should be allowed to destroy women’s sports.

Biological males competing against women has become an incredibly divisive and hot topic in America. The majority of Americans – 69% in the latest polling – believe athletes should compete against the gender they were born and not identify as.

After all, men are bigger, stronger and faster, and simply identifying as a woman won’t do anything to erase the insane advantage biology gives them over women.

Now, O.J. Simpson took some time out of his busy schedule searching for his ex-wife’s real killer to weigh in on the hottest debate in sports.

O.J. Simpson discusses transgender athletes. (Photo credit should read POO/AFP via Getty Images)

O.J. Simpson suggests fix for the transgender athlete issue.

Simpson was pretty diplomatic in a Tuesday video and suggested some sports like track & field events can be treated like the marathon. Everyone can compete and then the rankings are sorted by gender after the fact.

“Why don’t you treat it like the marathon? Let everyone compete, but when it’s over, have a category for female, a category for male and a category for transgender,” Simpson floated as a possible solution.

However, the former NFL star made it clear he definitely doesn’t think a biological male crushing women is okay. In fact, he thinks it’s absolutely not “fair.”

“Just isn’t fair. If you’re born a male or born a female, I don’t think it’s fair in sports to have them competing against one another. Give them their own category. Let the trans compete against trans, the female against the females and the male against the males,” Simpson further explained when talking about Mike Tyson boxing a female or an elite male golfer competing against women.

Is there a great solution?

While it’s unclear if anything will happen at the federal level, it is crystal clear many states and citizens are sick and tired of watching biological men crush women in sports.

Lia Thomas was really a tipping point. Lia Thomas was a mediocre at best male swimmer. Then, Lia Thomas decided to identify as a woman and began obliterating women who worked their whole lives to be noticed in the pool.

Was that fair? Was that moral? OutKick’s Riley Gaines can tell you all about how insane dealing with Lia Thomas in the pool and in the locker room was.

Simpson’s solution is certainly not the craziest for a situation like a marathon. However, it makes no sense in a team setting. He is 100% on point when it comes to it not being fair. That’s just a fact. Science built men and women differently, and science can’t be undone.

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