Oilers Will Put Vegas On Their Heels

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Oilers vs. Golden Knights, 10:10 ET

I was able to get us one of the units back that we lost over the previous couple of days on the ice. To be honest, on the run I’ve had with NHL, even two losses wasn’t that big of a deal. The playoffs have been a cash cow for us and I don’t want to stop it now. Tonight we are going to take down another unit on the Oilers vs. Golden Knights.

If all trends are correct, then the Golden Knights would win this game. They took the first and third games and lost the second and fourth. So, that would mean that Game 5 should be theirs for the taking. I wouldn’t be so sure of it. After a really high-scoring affair in Game 1 with both teams combining for 10 goals, the losing team has scored just one goal in the past three games. The last three matchups clearly show that the winning team is dominating on both offense and defense. If this is going to be an offensive series, I have to imagine that Edmonton takes this home. If it will be a defensive one, Las Vegas is the team to beat. The Golden Knights holding Edmonton to just one goal in Game 3 was arguably the most impressive performance of this series.

The Oilers take on the Golden Knights tonight in Las Vegas. (Photo by Mark Blinch/NHLI via Getty Images)

In a lot of leagues, the superstars are the ones that make their names in games like these. This is a pivotal game with whoever takes this one going up 3-2. If the Oilers win tonight they will be able to close it out on their home ice. Edmonton has the biggest start in the series in Connor McDavid and he has played very well. Once he gets hot I think it could be very difficult for the Golden Knights to stop them. Edmonton has proven all year that they are able to play well on the road. In the first series, they won two of three games on the road. If Las Vegas is going to win this, they simply have to control the main area in front of the net. The Golden Knights need to rely on their defense to win this game, getting into a shootout with Edmonton worked one game, I don’t see it happening more than once.

I’m going to back the Oilers in this game. I know they lost two games this series, but I think they are playing more consistently and have the better team. As a team, their offense is close to unmatched. I’m going to take the Oilers at -130.

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Written by David Troy


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