OSU Player Rants On College Football System, Coaches, Urban Meyer And Fans

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“Retired” senior Buckeyes defensive back Marcus Williamson began hurling Hail Mary’s on Twitter while his team was on the field at the 2022 Rose Bowl. Williamson hung his cleats for good ahead of the bowl game.

As Ryan Day’s Ohio State team played live from Pasadena, Williamson went off on the Buckeyes via Twitter: critiquing fans, the OSU coaching staff and pulling on that thread until it expanded into a conversation about unjust conventions in the college football system.

With a nod to Urban Meyer along the way.

He started his diatribe with the following: “Now that im a fan I gotta say… u fans kno nothing and have some of THE worst football IQ ever.”

“Almost as bad as some of these coaches,” Williamson stated as he narrated the bowl game.

Williamson then pivoted to the tail-end of Urban Meyer’s run at Ohio State. Meyer retired in 2018, as relayed by Fox NewsRyan Gaydos, and coached the DB when he became a Buckeye in 2017.

“I wanna rap bout my career as a young black college athlete at the highest level. As guidance for u go getters coming up. S/O westerville and those city kids chasing.”

He followed up: “As a 17 early enrollee. Urban Meyer told me he’d ‘ruin my f*** life’ if he ever caught me smoking.”

Williamson also alleged that Meyer once presented a photo of Travon Martin to establish a team rule prohibiting hoodies. Williamson tweeted out the indicting image, tying it in with a holistic perspective on college football.

“How much control do these institutions have over our young black boys?” Williamson said.

He also discussed an injury from 2017 that the coaching staff “pushed” him to play through.

“I was repeatedly pushed past my injuries as if I was completely expendable. (You are). 2018 I used to wake up, put my shoulder in place.. & go to practice. They bandage u up like sh*t sweet.”

Urban Meyer responded to Williamson’s comments Sunday afternoon.

“Our team rule was not hats or hoodies or sunglasses of any kind but only in team meetings, just so we could see their eyes and make sure they were paying attention and not asleep,” Meyer said to OSU sportswriter Jeff Snook. “We did not, and never would show a picture of Trayvon Martin. My gosh, no. That is absolutely false and you can check with any other player on my teams during that time to confirm what I am saying. Other players know what he is saying is false. I would never do that. He is crossing the line here. It seems people are just piling on now. But that never happened.”

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Black athletes DO have leverage … A Lot of leverage – in Big Time Football … be it college or NFL. Same for Big Time Basketball … college and NBA. You cannot “win” without them. Why do you think Goodell (and Silver) caved on Day One to BLM and continues to cave to ANYTHING they demand. … No negotiation … just grabbed their ankles and said “yes sir”.
    College BB coaches are even more paranoid about ANY indication they are not 110% behind BLM and any issue they want promoted. One negative incident and their recruiting is dead in the water.
    Anyone who boasts … “F’em, recruit white guys” is just plain stoopid. Any observer of big time sports that did not see this coming 5-10 years ago has been blind. Personally, I think its hilarious!

  2. Yes modern day slaves like Kaepernick says. Sure thing boss. Meanwhile, if you cared about education at all you would have realized all of the shit you got for being an athlete. Tuition, room and board, all meals, sports nutritionists, trainers, exercise, team gear, job training, etc etc. Give it a rest. Injuries are part of any sport get over it. So if you get paid more than the $300,000 or so it costs for all the things listed above, you think your coach won’t want you to get that shot and play? See professional sports for an example. If you don’t want to play then pay for college like every other non football or men’s basketball student. This dude, who I have never heard of, is trying to make a buck just like Kaepernick.

    • Well said. I bet this kid has very little to show, in the way of credits, for spending four years at a university. Bet he majored in black studies or some other bullshit that will get him nowhere in life. He was given the opportunity as you stated, all the academic help not afforded regular students.

  3. Any “student athlete” on an athletic scholarship that that says “I played a violent sports FOR FREE” is simply a fool. Anything else he says needs to be viewed under that umbrella.
    The exception would be a “student athlete” who legitimately expected to receive a for-real college education in exchange for his “playing a violent sport” BUT was coerced into a useless “eligibility major” by over-zealous team officials. THAT, sadly, does happen.

  4. Says the moron getting a $100k education for free. Yes, the system isn’t perfect, but I am sick and tired of entitled, coddled athletes complaining about how difficult their lives are and how “unjust” the system is. Take a look around at the country during Covid tyranny. Another classic case of victimhood instead of taking responsibility for his situation. I’m sure he was a great teammate. Sounds like an ingrate and a trouble maker. Don’t like it? Then get an education and make something of yourself, dummy. Nobody is forcing you to play football.

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