Ohio State AD Gene Smith: Buckeyes Won’t Play Elsewhere this Fall

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The best hope for conference chaos this Fall after the Big Ten canceled football season lied with Ohio State. Nebraska has threatened to play elsewhere if the conference canceled football, but Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren threatened to kick them out permanently if they did that. They probably don’t have the leverage to rock the boat. However, Ohio State does have that leverage. Nonetheless, it appears as though they will not use it.

Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith confirmed to the Columbus Dispatch that the team is preparing to play in the spring. (Former Buckeye head coach Urban Meyer says there’s “no chance” the Big Ten pulls this off.)

This effectively shuts the door on a scenario that was broached by Ohio State football coach Ryan Day, who on Monday wouldn’t rule out playing elsewhere if the Big Ten canceled the season. Ohio State president Kristina Johnson was in favor of delaying the season and not postponing it, but getting outvoted by the conference apparently will not change the Buckeyes’ allegiance to it.

This is a bit disappointing, as Ohio State is the crown jewel program of the Big Ten and Kevin Warren wouldn’t have really had the leverage to threaten them like he did Nebraska. Ohio State brings in more revenue to the conference — they are massive TV ratings drivers — than they get back, and could have easily chosen to join the SEC, ACC, or Big 12 this year without fear of being abandoned by the Big Ten in the long run.

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

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  1. Well Nebraska you sure got put in your place now with the comesiner telling you they will throw you out and Ohio state not backing you seem like you traded Texas for Ohio to tell you what will be done

  2. The fear mongering is strong with the Big “Little” 10 and the WAC-12. So these presidents think it is safer to play two full seasons within one calendar year than it is to be on constant medical monitoring and surrounded by athletic trainers and medical staff. Great idea, said no one with half a brain ever.

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