Ohio School Bus Driver Quits After Delivering Incredible Profanity-Filled Rant On Students

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An Ohio school district needs a new bus driver after one of its drivers turned into a viral sensation Wednesday for a profanity-fueled rant on students that will make headlines around the world.

The unidentified Amherst, Ohio bus driver has resigned, according to Fox-8 Cleveland, for using “inappropriate and offensive” language after stopping her bus to unload on students over what sounds like an incident where perfume was sprayed inside the bus.

“This evening, I received a video circulating on social media of a bus driver using inappropriate and offensive language towards students. The behavior exhibited by the bus driver is unacceptable and will not be tolerated,” a representative from the Amherst School District said in a letter sent to parents.

“The actions of the bus driver do not represent the values and standards we uphold as a district and do not reflect our commitment to providing a safe, caring and compassionate educational environment,” the letter continued.

As can be seen in the video circulating on social media, the fed-up bus driver goes off on more than one student. There are multiple students taking incoming fire from a woman who decided this was going to be the end of her bus-driving career.

She’s done. Good luck finding another driver in the current world we live in.

Let’s go to the video!

Meanwhile, over on TikTok, the bus driver has plenty of fans who enjoyed her epic rant.

“Melissa McCarthy as a bus driver,” one woman wrote.

“If I was her boss, she’d get a raise,” wrote another.

The positive comments just kept pouring in overnight.

“Giving me all the 90’s bus driver vibes! Bonus that she knows all their names #makethemwalkhome kids are so weak these days, this is nothing,” said one of the bus driver’s fans.

Let’s go to more of these comment gems:

• Dude I’m a bus driver preach sister!!! Hardest freaking job ever!

• 100% team bus driver

• She could drive my kids to school any day!

• This is what kids need to hear even though I am one if I was acting up in a teacher or bus driver said that to me he would put me in my place

• My bus driver would do 75 mph over a bump and knock us all out

• You don’t know the struggle until you’ve don the job! I’m on her side!

You get the idea. The bus driver is being hailed as a hero, even by Gen Zs who seem to enjoy the bus driver pushing back, especially when she throws in awesome one-liners that are now doing big numbers on social media.

Great work, ma’am.

@amberhuhn Amherst bus driver gone wild 😂 #crazy #fyp #ohio #amherst #busdriver #physco ♬ Original sound – Amber Huhn

Written by Joe Kinsey

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