Off The Top Rope! WWE Mocks The Woke Mob With Controversial New Superstar

WWE is laying the Smackdown on the woke left. Earlier this week, the sports entertainment titan debuted a new character, Joe Gacy, who fits all the stereotypes of the super-sensitive, quickly-offended left. Gacy refers to the ring as a “safe space” and uses his in-ring time to banter about “conflict resolution.”

Not unlike much of the woke left, Gacy too, is a loser. He dropped his debut bout.

Gacy, whose character launched Tuesday on NXT 2.0, introduced himself to the wrestling world with a turn on the mic that should seem familiar to wokesters:

“Tonight this ring is a safe space. NXT 2.0 is full of conflict, from the smallest microaggression to the most heinous grudges. This is a place where we settle our differences. I come to you tonight with a mindset of conflict resolution where I don’t need to use my male privilege to get what I want.”

As boos rained down, Gacy continued: “I understand, just like you, that life isn’t fair. I believe that we can achieve unity and tolerance for us all, and I can be the man that will show you we can achieve peace in this safe space. And it starts tonight!”

When it came time to perform inside the ring, Gacy showcased considerable talent before veteran Cameron Grimes pinned him and soiled his debut. Gacy, of course, insisted on hugging his opponent upon defeat.

Following his loss, WWE NXT camera caught up with Gacy, who shared the following message: “Tonight, the better man won. And I still believe that we can achieve peace and unity. I want to make NXT 2.0 a safe space. Thank you for your time.”

Only a wardrobe emblazoned with a Democrat donkey could’ve made this debut any more perfect. Cancel Culture Headquarters just landed themselves a new project.

Written by Anthony Farris

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  1. Lmbao…It’s wrastling…..That’s like being upset at Larry The Cable Guy. Everyone knows wrestling is redneck entertainment. The Left laughs at Conservatives and Wrestling. We’ll stick to real sports like Basketball and Football. Not that fake ass shit Conservatives find entertaining…IJMFS

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