Odds For Next Team Julio Jones Takes Snap For

Instead of reacting to news from Adam Schefter, Ian Rapoport, or some pretend insider who somehow got a blue check — Julio Jones has us talking about the news he broke himself.

Jones literally said on FS1 Monday that he is “out of” Atlanta. Since the bombshell, the odds for which team will land Jones have shifted considerably.

Keep in mind, Jones says he wants to win. He’s not going to the Lions.

Here are the odds available at FanDuel’s Colorado book:

Titans fans were in a rather good mood Sunday when a video surfaced of Derrick Henry working out with Julio Jones. Ranking No. 1 in these odds likely has Tennessee fans betting not only on Jones’ next team but the 2021 AFC champion. I mean, hey, positivity always wins.

Each team listed would be enhanced with the addition of Julio Jones. He’s a monster. But none would be enhanced as much as the Ravens. Coupling Jones with Sammy Watkins fills the only hole Baltimore had left. (Lamar Jackson’s accuracy is not a hole, it’s a curse.) The Ravens have one of the smartest front offices in sports, so I’m intrigued by +1200.

I have a message for the Packers:

You have wasted Aaron Rodgers’ career for a decade. If there’s even a 5% chance he wants to return, it will be erased if you guys don’t at least make an effort to get him Julio Jones.

Place your bets now at FanDuel.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Bobby B: “I have a message for the Packers: You have wasted Aaron Rodgers’ career for a decade. If there’s even a 5% chance he wants to return, it will be erased if you guys don’t at least make an effort to get him Julio Jones.”

    Hey Bobby…couldn’t have said it any better, bud…unfortunately, the Packers only have $3.5M in cap space left in 2021 to sign their draft picks. Julio would cost them $15M for 2021 so that’s a no go.

    In 2020 draft the Pack could have had either 2nd rounder Chase Claypool (Steelers – 62 catches for 873 w/9 TDs) or Michael Pittman (Colts – 40 for 503 w/1 TD), but their brainiac GM decided to draft a Div.2 QB who didn’t even make the active roster all last season…but I guess he saved them a bundle of money bwahahaha).

    And enough of the BS about the guy signed a contract. He won’t get paid if he doesn’t play and he’ll have to give back the $23M of the signing bonus that’s left for 2021 and 2022.
    Like you said, Bobby…he gave them 10 years, and he didn’t steal a dime…and he’s leaving a shit ton of money behind…he owes them nothing…and the fans were happy showing up for their brats and beers being spoiled by 10 years of Favre and 10 years of Rodgers. Maybe the fans should take an interest in “management”, too?

    Somebody wanna call Bo Jackson a pussy or a bitch for not wanting to play for the Colts back in the day? He switched to KC baseball and then Commish Tagliabue and the NFL figured out a way to get him to Al Davis and Da Raiders. John Elway a bitch? Eli Manning a bitch?

    • My bad…it was the Tampa Bay Bucs that Bo refused to play for back in 1986. They were 10-42 in the 3 years before the 1986 draft…and 2-14 the 1986 season lol. Signing with KC Royals made the NFL see the light for a future star they couldn’t let get away.

      • Bo didn’t refuse to play for Tampa because they were bad. They lied to him and told him that taking a team plane for a visit wouldn’t effect his remaining baseball eligibility. He didn’t get to finish out his college baseball season because of it so he told them they better not draft him because he wasn’t going to play for them.

    • Not sure you can claim the Pack “wasted” his career, that is what ESPN woke talking heads are peddling, but Rodgers has had many good if not great teams to work with. Heck, he played with some very good players: Charles Woodson, Julius Peppers, Clay Matthews, Donald Driver, Jordy Nelson, Greg Jennings, etc. I’m a lifelong Packers fan, and Rodgers is a talent, but hasn’t been able to come through in the clutch when needed outside of the SB game that they won. The Tampa NFC Championship game was most telling, down by 5 with the ball twice in 4Q, and he and the offense go three and out, three and out…it was a major failure that nobody is really talking about.

  2. Have fun with the timely drops, constant removing himself from a game and lower body injuries. When younger and healthy he was a beast, but lately he’s a mystery. Disappears for long stretches. Maybe that was the crappy OC, but the constant tapping on the helmet and coming out of the game was irritating.

    I also don’t think Julio understands that when he threatened to hold out then signed that contract, he was out of Atlanta. They can’t afford him on the roster and Falcons decided he was gone when the new GM and HC were hired. Falcons need to keep their QB upright and give their RBs a crease to run thru.

  3. Dear Bobby, the Packers have been in the NFC championship game 5 times in the last 11 years. Rodgers is 1-4 in those games. Given the exact same teams with Brady at QB, do you think GB would be 1-4 in championship games?
    Also, I don’t think playing in 5 championship games in 11 years can in any way be considered a waste.

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