Oakland A’s Purposefully Raise Ticket Prices Overnight For Fan Protest Game

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The Oakland A’s have one foot out the door on their way to Las Vegas. And they’re not concerned with making any friends as a lame duck organization.

A’s fans have organized multiple “protests,” most notably the so-called reverse boycott at the Oakland Coliseum.

Their efforts to get team owner John Fisher to sell the franchise have even moved across the bay. At a San Francisco Giants home game against the A’s, both sets of fans united in calling for Fisher to sell the team.

Even Rob Manfred has admitted that the A’s stadium situation is his “biggest regret” as commissioner. Even if he’s deflected any responsibility for it.


Fans have organized on social media to promote another “reverse boycott” for the August 5th home game against the Giants. And while Fisher’s generally remained silent throughout the process, he and his operations team are clearly paying attention.

Reddit users noticed something strange about ticket prices for the August 5th game…they suddenly became a whole lot more expensive than other home games.

Wonder why that could be!

Oakland A’s
OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 13: Oakland Athletics fans fill RingCentral Coliseum during a reverse boycott game against the Tampa Bay Rays on June 13, 2023 in Oakland, California. (Photo by Brandon Vallance/Getty Images)

A’s Taking Advantage Of Fan Frustration

The cheapest available ticket for the latest reverse boycott game is $44.

But just a few days later, ticket prices for a home game against the first place Texas Rangers start at just $10. Another Giants game starts at $27.

One fan noticed that the price increase happened within one day of the reverse boycott announcement.

Pretty smart business move!

By raising ticket prices, Fisher will either discourage fans from attending and avoid further embarrassment, or take in huge profits from a near sellout.

Either way, he wins and A’s fans lose.

Fisher and his franchise are set to receive hundreds of millions in public funding from Nevada taxpayers. The A’s franchise valuation is set to rise dramatically, with novelty and a new region a tremendous financial benefit.

No matter how angry fans get, money always wins. And Fisher’s set to cleverly take in even more of it at Oakland’s expense.

Written by Ian Miller

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