NYT Details Andrew Cuomo’s Nursing Home Death Toll Cover-Up

On October 12, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told reporters that “there’s a lot of politics being played” with the number of deaths at nursing homes throughout the state. The next day, Cuomo’s book, American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic, was published and became a best-seller. Meanwhile, as the New York Times reported Wednesday, Cuomo’s top aides had spent five months hiding the true nursing home death toll and that the governor spent that time “overruling state health officials” from releasing the true death toll. 

By now you know the premise of how this all went down. Cuomo’s policy forced nursing homes to take COVID patients discharged from hospitals. The death toll at New York nursing homes soon exploded. The Times reports that less than two months later, Cuomo’s nursing home policy ended and the death toll was off. The paper says the aides knew it and the stonewalling began during the summer when questions started being raised.

And it continued all the way through October when the New York State Department of Health wrote a letter that was to release the true number of deaths as of October 30.

“I hope you find the information to be helpful as the state continues to examine this important issue,” Dr. Howard Zucker from NYSDH wrote in the letter.

The letter was never sent.

As the letter was being prepared, Cuomo’s book, which he was paid over $4 million to write, was on the Times bestseller list. Book sales plummeted in February 2021 when Cuomo sold just 300 copies.

Fast forward to April and the weekly COVID calls where governors jump on a conference call to coordinate the federal and state strategy for how to handle business across 50 states. Real Clear Politics points out that Andrew Cuomo was put in charge of those calls as the chairman of the National Governors Association. President Biden has yet to join the conference calls and Vice President Harris has been on one call “for about five minutes,” Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts told the media site.

And that, folks, is how your government operates.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. Shoot given the fact the media won’t ever pour gas on their fires and the judical system basically gives them the wink…why wouldn’t democrat polticians just do whatever they want when there is never any consequences to their actions (unless they piss off the wrong oligarch)?

    Compare to what is going on with Ron DeSantis.

  2. Expect more Rudy raids every time some bad news about Cuomo hits. Also, expect more anonymous sources about Matt Gaetz every time something comes out about Hunter Biden.

    Just a coincidence.
    The media would never collaborate with the Biden DOJ to push false allegations to divert attention. CNN will be in full propaganda mode.

  3. Meanwhile Cuomo’s staff is on record saying that they withheld this information from the DOJ (Trump) which is clearly obstruction of justice. So guess which NY politician the DOJ is going after, raiding his residences and offices…..

  4. Cuomo rode in on the family name. It initially looked like he was just wildly incompetent. It turns out that he’s also indifferent. The new media cycle is to eventually stop covering negative stories about politicians in their party. That seemed to be the trend with Cuomo. It’s surprising frankly that the Times is still on this story. The man has no shame, so he won’t resign. I’m sad to say that he will probably survive this.

  5. Notice when the New York Times ran the story?
    The same day as Bidens speech.
    The timing was meant to bury the news.
    NYT can say they reported it so they aren’t covering for him but it fits a pattern we have seen in the media.

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