NYC Plans To Lift Vaccine Requirement, But Still Won’t Allow Kyrie Irving To Play

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New York City plans to soon lift all COVID restrictions, including the vaccine mandate, but still doesn’t plan on allowing Brooklyn Nets player Kyrie Irving to play at home.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams claimed that the city’s vaccine mandate for indoor patrons is expected to be dropped by mid-March, no longer prohibiting unvaccinated fans from entering the city’s many venues, notably Barclays Center.

Adams announced: “New York City’s numbers continue to go down day after day, so, as long as COVID indicators show a low level of risk and we see no surprises this week, on Monday, March 7 we will also lift Key2NYC requirements.” 

Per The Athletic’s Shams Charania, a private-sector decree won’t allow for the unvaccinated Irving to return to Barclays, but he can return as a spectator.

The rule states, “employers may not allow any unvaccinated employees to report to their physical workplace, unless they have requested and received an accommodation.”

On Saturday, Kyrie dropped a season-high 38 points and helped lift Brooklyn over defending champs Milwaukee Bucks, without the help of Kevin Durant.

OutKick founder Clay Travis called out the city’s daft decision.

”This is so nonsensical it makes my head hurt,” tweeted Clay. “Kyrie Irving could attend Nets games as a fan, but not as a player under NYC’s updated covid rules.”

New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced on Sunday that the statewide masking mandate for schoolchildren would be lifted by March 2.

Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Removing the vaccine mandate would require these employers to admit they (gasp) screwed this up royally. These private businesses who gleefully drank the Covid koolaid will never let go of this vax mandate now without making people first, in full sleeze bag form, sign 14 waivers promising first never to sue them for discrimination or for needlessly making their lives a living hell for two years coercing them to take experimental medicine. What could be the liability there? Hmm? So there will probably be no justice for these tool bags in suits who fired or threatened employees into doing something they didn’t want, behaving just like the little communists they pretend they hate when they attack Ukraine. I suggest business leaders keep making more “progressive” decisions based on the direction the political breeze is blowing to please the mindless Twitter hordes more often. This way we’ll all soon be rid of their companies. This crap is not capitalism folks, this is turning into an oligarchy.

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