NYC Department Of Transportation Misspells Jackie Robinson’s Name On Parkway Sign

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Jackie Robinson is one of the most well-known and influential athletes in American history. He also happens to have played 10 years in Brooklyn with the Dodgers, but New York City seems to have forgotten how to spell the legend’s name.

The NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) recently installed a new road sign in Queens for the Jackie Robinson Parkway.

While the sign itself looked great with the silhouette of Robinson on it, the DOT spelled Jackie’s first name ‘Jakie.’

It’s tough to misspell a six-letter name, but the DOT managed to do so.

Haley Brown/New York Post

The parkway, previously named the Interboro Parkway, was renamed after Jackie Robinson in 1997. It runs for nearly five miles and crosses between Queens and Brooklyn.

“This spelling mistake is absurd,” City Councilman Robert Holden said of the misspelling on Sunday. “You don’t have a few eyes looking at these signs? DOT is a mess.” 

Absurd is a good adjective to describe the situation.


Some will claim to be offended by the DOT making the mistake of misspelling Robinson’s first name, but it’s more so just incredibly embarrassing.

It’s safe to assume that the Department of Transportation will get an extra set of eyes on any new signs set to hit the street from this point forward.

Written by Mark Harris

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