NY Assembly Member: Cuomo’s Defense Team ‘Extremely Triggering’

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The defense team for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo tried to come to the rescue after New York Attorney General Letitia James released a damning 165-page report that accused him of sexually harassing 11 women, as well as workplace bullying.

But the presentation from Cuomo’s lawyers didn’t sit well with some.

“When the attorneys had appeared together, and were talking, they definitely were saying some things that I can tell you personally was very triggering,” New York State Assembly member Yuh-Line Niou said on CNN.

Niou, by the way, is a sexual assault member herself.

Basically, Cuomo’s attorney’s seemed to be all over the place in his defense, with one even admitting on CNN that the guy could be guilty of some behavior that could be considered … well, creepy.

The attorney was Rita Glavin, who was talking about the accusations against Cuomo from a state trooper.


“The governor may have very well touched the state trooper’s back,” Rita Glavin said during an interview with Pamela Brown on CNN. “And she may have understood it one way and he understood it another way.”

Glavin tried to disprove another accuser’s account by citing emails from the staffer about how she was eating cheese and crackers at the Executive Mansion.

“She was joking while she was there,” Glavi said. “She was eating snacks and even offered to stay longer when the work was done.”

Niou wasn’t hearing it.

“When [Glavin] was talking about how the assistant actually was joking around, eating crackers and cheese, I felt like that claim that a survivor, after being violated, should act a particular way otherwise they weren’t supposed to be believed, or they are not believable, is disgusting and vile,” Niou said on CNN.

No less than President Joe Biden, a fellow Democrat, has said Cuomo needs to step down.

“I’ve not read the report. I don’t know the detail of it. All I know is the end result,” Biden told reporters.

At this point, Biden is probably right. Cuomo needs to go.

The president thinks so, and so does the Democratic-controlled New York State Assembly — which has launched an impeachment investigation over the report.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and NBA.com, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side, FortyEightMinutes.com.


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  1. I’m not defending the guy but a lot of the accusations seem pretty weak. Touching faces, kissing on cheeks, touching backs, I mean maybe the guy is a serial pervert idk but so far it just seems like a hit job. This ain’t Harvey Weinstein, this ain’t Jeffrey Epstein, shit this ain’t even Jeffrey Toobin. I just don’t see how we’ve got photos and videos of Biden being pretty weird with young children, hair sniffing, pinching, whispering in their ears, but that’s all good apparently but Cuomo being a little handsy with adults with tons of witnesses around is somehow the crime of the century.

    • I have to agree. Let’s face it. He has ticked off the wrong people in the DNC over something, and now he’s got to go. They probably want someone they can better control in his seat. He might want to slip on out the door voluntarily while he can. The Clintons are still atop their mob…err…party and have sway, and, well, you know what happens to folks that cross them.

      • You mean like the nursing home deaths? They just gave him a pass on that. You do know that kissing on, rubbing on, and being handsy with women in the workplace is not a good thing? And when some complained he went after them in retribution….that’s what this is about.

        • If the DNC was upset about that they’d be going after Whitmer in Michigan and Democrat governors is several other states that did the same he did. They couldn’t care less about elderly lives. Yeah he was handsie with women and probably tried to shut them up, half the Democrats in DC are the same if not worse. Biden has been accused of the same multiple times and no one in the dnc says squat about that. Eric Swallwell admitted publicly to having a sexual relationship with a Chinese spy and is untouchable. There’s a phone book full of Democrats who have done this and worse who are protected. It’s not about that with Cuomo. He’s not doing the bidding of the party rulers, he’s sloppy, and is now paying the price.

  2. It almost seems like they’re sacrificing one of their own on some flimsy shit so they can throw the book at Trump on some equally flimsy shit but since they bagged Cuomo they’ll argue that it isn’t political.

  3. He learned well from Biden and Clinton. He walks and runs for higher office in 2024 with the media saying this has be fully litigated and nothing was proven. Andrew, you are now in the Democrat Sexual Harassment Hall of Fame! Congratulations on your accomplishment.

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