Now Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Wants To Ban Homeless Camps In His Woke-topia

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In a wild twist that nobody saw coming, Portland, Oregon mayor Ted Wheeler is beginning to snap and admit that the woke-topia he’s created in the city is an absolute nightmare disaster and now he’s threatening to ban homeless camps inside the city.

During an emergency meeting held Friday, Wheeler, who has served as mayor since 2017, called on Oregon officials to “declare a statewide emergency” with a goal of cleaning up the homelessness mess in his city.

“The magnitude and the depth of the homeless crisis in our city is nothing short of a humanitarian catastrophe,” Wheeler told the Portland City Council during Friday’s meeting. “We need to move our scattered, vulnerable homeless population closer to the services that they need.”

Translation: It’s time to get these drug addicts and street people out of Portland because this city is about to come to a massive crossroads.

Portland, Oregon Mayor Ted Wheeler says he will ban homeless camps in the city
Portland, Oregon Mayor Ted Wheeler says he will ban homeless camps in the city / Fox12

Here’s the problem for Ted: the first tent city campground he’s talking about building wouldn’t open for 18 months. Also, the first tent city would accommodate 125 people. It’s estimated 3,000 people live on Portland streets. Wheeler himself reports there are “more than” 700 encampments around Portland.

Let’s face it, this is typical headline-grabbing nonsense brought up by politicians as elections loom.

While Wheeler isn’t up for re-election, this is the perfect time for a politician to grab headlines with claims that a woke-topia mess is about to be cleaned up. In 2019, Wheeler told residents he was going to clean up the literal mountains of human feces that were being dumped in parks by bringing in portable toilets to deal with the homeless.

The city announced it would allocate $615,000 to pay the salaries for attendants to clean the toilets. Taxpayers were charged $316 per trip for attendants to clean the toilets.

The “Portland Loo,” which is hailed by the city as a “durable and inexpensive solution to keep your city clean and crime-free” appears to be a complete disaster.

And now the public is finally beginning to turn on the politicians they voted into office to carry out such destruction. In a recent poll conducted by The Oregonian, nearly three-fourths of Portland voters told the newspaper the city is on the wrong track. 13% responded that the city is “headed in the right direction.”

In another poll, the newspaper found that 81% of Portland voters now say the 2020 George Floyd chaosTed Wheeler encouraged people to honor Floyd’s legacy while telling people not to tear up the city (good one, Ted) — did more harm than good for Portland.

You think?

Days after Woke-topia Ted told protestors to go easy on the city with their destruction he announced the defunding of police units. $12 million was “diverted” away from the police.

“My privilege as a white man, my privilege as the mayor and the leader of the institutions of power in this community I believe shielded me from time to time from the many difficult and uncomfortable truths about our history and about our society,” Ted said at the time.

A year after slashing the police budget, Ted called for more money for the police.

Not kidding.

Portland City Council declared a state of emergency on homelessness in 2015 and has since extended that declaration five times.
Portland City Council declared a state of emergency on homelessness in 2015 and has since extended that declaration five times. / Fox12

“Many Portlanders no longer feel safe in their city,” Wheeler said during a news conference to announce he needed money to solve the crisis. “Business owners have closed up shop, for fear of doing business in high-risk areas. Commuters fear for their safety, whether taking public transport or going by foot. Parents are scared to let their children play outside.”

Now it’s 2022 and Portland has a huge homeless homicide rate issue. The city has already had more homeless homicides than all of 2021.

How bad have things gotten for Ted and this woke-topia?

This summer, the downtown Portland Hilton and Duniway hotels faced foreclosure and were saved from going on the auction block at the last minute via a loan modification. City officials blamed a lack of office workers along with vandalism, crime, and homeless camps for crushing the Portland hotel market.

Now it’s Ted Wheeler to the rescue! He claims to be just the man who can pull this city from the darkness that hangs over the Rose City. Ted will just need more tax dollars to make this work. He’ll need you to invest your taxes into homeless camps.

That should solve things.

Look at how the wokes reacted to Ted’s news:

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